Signs of Toxic Parents And How To Deal With Them

Toxic Parents I love my mother to death, I do. I never went hungry, we always had shelter, we had a basement full of toys, books, and every Disney movie ever. She has always helped out family, friends, neighbors, etc even when she didnt have anything to give. She has always let me speak my mind, […]

Stop running from your pain.

“Suffering is not caused by pain but by resisting pain.” ~Unknown Pain. Grief. Sadness. We hate it, these are ugly words in our society. One of humans first basic instincts is to avoid being hurt, and since we all would like to avoid the breaking or losing of limbs on a daily basis it’s definitely […]

Watch the Thinker

Because YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! I know you guys have probably grown tired of me quoting Eckart Tolle but I cant stop because my life has improved so much from reading this book! Tolle says something in his book about “watching the thinker” and its because most of us let our mind and thoughts […]

Gratitude & Affirmation Challenge

Grat·i·tude:  The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. As a part of my 30-day life coaching plan, I have been tasked with creating a gratitude journal. This was something I was excited to start back up because I participated in a 30-day gratitude challenge last year and it […]