Why Your Friends and Family Arent Supporting Your Business




Your Friends & Family Don’t Have to Support Your Business!!!


Because its YOUR business!


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One would assume you created said business because you had a product or service to offer consumers. Your friends and family aren’t in your life to be your customers, workers, or investors. Unless your family directly benefits from the business why would you expect them to do anything? Sure it would be nice, but it shouldn’t be expected.

Frankly, everyone and their mama is selling hair, plates, fire sticks, etc, everybody has a hustle going on right now. My timeline would be all ads if I sat around trying to support everyone’s ventures.



Honestly, some family and friends don’t support you because you have not properly communicated with them how they can help you. If its something like sharing a post or advertisement ask them to do that. Don’t just assume that because you posted it they saw it.  With all the changes in algorithms with social media feeds, some people may not ever even see you on their timeline so you should keep that in mind. If its actually buying your product they may not have the funds to do so. Or they may not like your product at all and thats ok. If you’re going to be a business owner you have to have tough skin!

Sure you may have family or friends that are hating and dont want to support you for whatever mean or hateful reason they can think of. But they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Negative people dont need to be in your life, and definitely dont need to represent your business.

If you are a new business owner and are lacking support from friends and family follow these helpful tips/advice:

  1. Make new business friends: Meeting people who are in the same boat as you are and knows your struggles is extremely beneficial for a business owner thats just starting out. The support and advice you can get from these networks are invaluable.
  2. Communicate clearly to your friends and family how they can support you. Do you just need them to share a post? Write a review? Be specific!
  3. YOU CAN DO THIS WITHOUT THEIR SUPPORT!! – You started your business because you thought you had a good product or service to offer. Let your product or service speak for itself. Do the work and eventually, the customers will come.

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