The Questionable Life and Times of Rii- You’re the Gf, not the Wife

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Can you imagine waking up every day to your worst mistake? Welcome to my life for the past year. I’m in this weird space where possibilities are endless and to be honest its scary as hell! I have a degree, I have my man, the only thing missing is the two brats, a dog, and the white picket fence. So why was I still not happy?

Chapter 1: No Money, More Problems- Part 1

My names Rhea, but my friends call me Rii. Rhea Williams soon to be Rhea Johnson engaged to broke ass James Johnson bum fiancé extraordinaire as my close friends like to call him. Don’t get me wrong he cooks, and cleans, and washes clothes. He rubs my feet after a long day, kind’ve just like a wife now that I think about it. A stay at home wife to be exact because James broke his ankle last month putting him off of work and making me the sole breadwinner. My grandma warned me about shacking up and now Im getting a dose of wifely duties before even being a wife.

The resentment was starting to build because it wasn’t as if before things were great. Sure, he actually was working then but he spent it just about as fast as he made it. Forcing me to be the responsible one out of us two. I wanted a partner but being with him lately feels more like a burden. I wanted a man with drive and ambition instead I ended up with Mr. Blue Collar himself. Perfectly fine working in a plant for the rest of his life, no challenge, just the same thing every day. As I laid in bed next to him watching him sleep, I wondered if this was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Sure money isn’t everything, but it sure is something!

I was up and full of nerves because today was my first day at my new job. My big girl job, my first job out of college. I had been practicing in the mirror how I would negotiate my pay, I was ready. When I arrived at the office I was full of excitement but nervous. After all, this was the first day to the rest of my life. The plan was simple, start entry-level and razzle-dazzle my way up to the top.

This is hypothetical me –> My Worst Mistake

Simple enough right?

“Ms. Williams Hi!” said some energetic white girl. “My names Misty, I’m an HR team member we are so excited to bring you to the team”.

“Im excited to be here” I exclaimed just as enthusiastic following her into her office. She motioned for me to sit down.

“I have your hiring paperwork, your W-2’s to fill out, and your work schedule”, she said sliding me a packet of papers.

“Great”, I exclaimed looking up. “And the rate of pay?”. “Well we start off at $13 an hour here”, she stated.

Im thinking to myself $13 a fucking hour? She must be crazy I made $12 at my job prior to my degree.

“I have a bachelor’s degree” I proudly stated beaming. “Oh why didn’t you say so?” she asked taking the hiring paperwork back. “With a bachelors that bumps you up to $14”, she said smiling.



Time the heck out! time-out

So you’re telling me I went to school for four years to make two dollars more than I did without a degree?



I wanted to slap her and tell her and that $14 to kiss me where the sun doesn’t shine and for her to point me in the direction of the 6 figure salary jobs. I texted my best friend Rasheed for some advice. Our convo went like this:

Rasheed text Combo.PNG


Rasheeds a trip but you cant help but to love him.

Little miss HR pulled me out of my daze.

“Let me show you to your desk”. She said leading me into a room filled with cubicles. She led me to a corner desk in a row that only had about two people in it.

“These are your row mates Robert and Hailey, they’ll help you get acclimated to the culture here”. “Great thanks”, I said giving a fake half-smile.



“Nice to meet you girl,” Robert exclaimed.

“Nice to meet you as well”, I stated unloading my personal items to personalize my cube. As I hung up my graduation picture Hailey asked “Giiiiirl where you graduate from”?

“From Western Michigan, you?”

“Girl she didnt graduate from college,” Robert stated laughing. “More like High School Diploma University”.

I chuckled, “Wait, so you don’t need a degree to work here?” I asked.

“Girl no”, they both yelled at the same time laughing.

I swiveled around in my chair thinking to myself, now aint this bout a bitch!

After a few minutes of arranging my cubicle, someone walked up to me.


I turned around startled. “Hey”, I replied to the mystery person.

Side Chick Story

“My names Deandre, you can call me Dre, Ill be your trainer. You’ll be working with me for the next two weeks until we get you confident enough to work on your own”.

“Great”, I replied shaking his hand. Giving him a once over from head to toe. He was light-skinned, with booming waves and a gorgeous smile.

I just might like working here after all I thought to myself.




To be continued……


13 comments on “The Questionable Life and Times of Rii- You’re the Gf, not the Wife

  1. Story of my life! I was out of work for about 6-8 months after getting my Bachelors and even went back to school to get a Masters and double pad my credentials – these vets in the game are not giving up their jobs until pension or they die first. It gets better, trust me. Just don’t let things like this make you feel inadequate or like your degree did not mean anything (I had way too many of those thoughts). I started at $33,000 a year (because of location and broke ass husband lol) and gradually worked my way up. In other words, I took a paying gig and minimized that Google search bar with open positions overtime I felt someone creeping over my shoulder. I really wish you the best of luck girl and hope that you find something both financially and personally fulfilling.

    1. I can relate to every word you said lol. I came to the conclusion I would be slow rolling for a while but Im okay with that. Im in a different position and making more money now but its still not enough lol. And Im sure when I finally make the type of money I want Ill find other reason as to why thats not enough either lol so just trying to be grateful and appreciate what I have. Thank you for reading

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