90 Day Fiscal Fast

Nothing gave me greater joy than watching my loved ones open their gifts for Christmas. Now that, that’s over and it is a new year my mind is back on my favorite thing, saving! If you haven’t made any New Years resolutions yet it is not too late. Join me as I go on a 90 day fiscal fast and lets save, save, save!


What’s a fiscal fast?

A “fiscal fast” is just a fancy way of saying no spending for a period of time. To keep it simple, for 90 days you don’t buy anything (zilch, nothing, nada!) that isn’t necessary to live or contributes to your well-being.

The rules: There’s just one: if it’s not necessary to live DO NOT BUY!

Tips for surviving this challenge:

  1. Make do with whatever you already have. This means purging those cabinets, and being creative. You’ve already spent money on it so why not eat it? If you’re going out this means finding something already in your closet and not buying a new outfit.
  2. Write out your budget. See how much disposable income (money left after paying bills) you have to work with each month because that’s what you’ll be saving. My disposable income after bills, gas and groceries totals $1,240 and in 90 days that’s a whopping $3,720 that I can save! Use the number you calculate to motivate you.
  3. Meal Prep, meal prep, meal prep! Its so important I had to say it three times. If you are one of those people who eat out or get fast food frequently this tip is for you. When I completed this challenge last year the savings of not buying fast food alone was enough to make me say goodbye forever (not to mention my body can no longer take the processed food) eating at home is the cheaper and healthier alternative.

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