Three Month Hair Growth Challenge Results

Length Check Results


Length Check Results

Three Month Hair Growth Challenge Results

This blog post is long overdue, I apologize for the delay. I was pleased with the results of my length check following this challenge. I believe the secret to my success was three things: liquid biotin, wild growth hair oil, and protective styling. My hair is currently the longest it has ever been.

Hair growth Challenge

This challenge was started by Youtuber Melissa Denise. You can read about the challenge in detail here. The star of the challenge was the liquid biotin. Natural hair YouTubers were raving about taking liquid biotin vs the pills and after three months I can definitely say liquid biotin will be a part of my daily hair regimen from here on out.


Natural Hair

You can purchase the liquid biotin through Amazon like I did here: Liquid Biotin:


You can purchase the Wild Growth hair oil at your local beauty supply store or here on Amazon.

While my goal is waist length, I want HEALTHY waist length so I clipped my ends and put my hair back in a protective style. I am also trying to thicken my hair so if you have any suggestions (other than castor oil) please let me know! I recently started a YouTube channel and would love if you checked it out. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!


What are some products you use to maximize hair growth?


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