26 Things Ive learned by 27

26 Things Ive Learned By 27

26 Things I’ve learned by 27

26 Things Ive Learned By 27

I am now 27 years young! Yay me. The growth and lessons continue to pour in this year. You can read all about the things I learned at 26 here. Our trip to Africa was technically my birthday gift so I didnt do much on the actual day though my boyfriend did not disappoint.

26 Things Ive Learned By 27

27th Birthday

26 Things I’ve learned by 27

  1.  You can create your own family.
  2. Self awareness is key for growth
  3. Your thoughts can be your biggest supporter or your biggest set back.
  4. Having a supportive group of friends is a #MajorKey
  5. If something doesnt feel right, its probably because it isnt, trust your intuition.
  6. Keeping an open mind is better than having a mind full of expectations.
  7. If you cant enjoy your own company why would others want to be around you?
  8. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasting time. In other words, its okay to relax
  9. Stolen quote- Travel is truly the only thing you can buy that makes you richer
  10. Go, do, and be while you still can.
  11. Most of your “reasons” for not doing something are really just excuses
  12. Words are weapons. Speak life and not desctruction
  13. You can only do so much. Do all you can and let the rest be as it may
  14. Focus on what makes you happy
  15. Surround yourself with people who are positive, encouraging, and want to see you win
  16. People come and go, you wont have to fight to keep anybody in your life that wants to be there.
  17. Everything doesnt have to be said
  18. Dont be afraid to say “no”
  19. Its okay to leave a situation that does not serve you.
  20. Give the type of support you seek from others
  21. Dont take yourself or life so seriously
  22. Everything is temporary. Just enjoy it while you can
  23. Sometimes you lose “good friends”, and it is what it is. 
  24. Think before you react – A lot of things arent even worth the energy it takes to get upset over them. 
  25. If people dont appreciate what you do for them, stop doing it. 
  26. Love, but never get attached 

26 things Ive learned by my 27th birthday

Notable Things that happened at 26

  • I have been blogging for over a year now- Yay me
  • Went to Africa

  • Went to Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

  • I have custody of two of my brothers so Im now the “parent” of two teen boys. They are eating me out of house and home, please send help!
  • Went to DC and to NOLA

Save Money

  • Started a new position at my job
  • Made it to my savings goal!
  • Made more travel friends

Birthday Recap:

Here’s to 20 more years!

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