Day Trip to Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

Day Trip to Istanbul Turkey

I used to dread really long trips and for the most part, I still do. This year I am all about an open and optimistic mindset (what you have to have to travel anyway). So Ive started viewing long layovers as the gems they are -a two for one trip! Our final destination was Cape Town, South Africa but that didn’t stop us from checking out charming Istanbul, Turkey, if only briefly.

Istanbul Turkey

We flew with Turkish airlines and landed in Istanbul at about 5:30 pm their time. In order to enter Turkey, you have to have an E-visa so we made sure to do this in advance ($20 USD). We reserved a tour in advance so we checked our extra luggage and made our way with our tour guide Ali to explore the city.


Lay Over Tour Istanbul

Ali our tour guide gave us a fantastic view of the city at night and even a quick language lesson.

Hello. Merhaba.
Goodbye. Güle güle.

We took in the sites at places like the Hippodrome of Constantinople.

Istanbul Turkey

The Blue Mosque and fountain

Istanbul Turkey

We stopped by a restaurant to have an authentic Turkish meal.

Istanbul Turkey

Overall we had a blast! Great way to spend a 9-hour layover. Good sights, good food, and good people.


The Crew:

Istanbul Turkey


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Istanbul Turkey


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Istanbul Turkey


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Istanbul Turkey


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Istanbul Turkey


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Istanbul Turkey


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& Me!!! (But I didnt like the pictures I have of myself)

Next stop: Cape Town! Check back in for that blog/vlog it was EPIC!!

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