3 Creative Ways to Save money with your Live in Significant Other

Creative ways to save

3 Creative Ways to Save money with your Live in Significant Other

Creative ways to save

So you and your significant other have made the jump to live with each other and are now looking for ways to save.

Looks at you unapprovingly for shacking up.



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3 Creative Ways to Save money with your Live in Significant Other

Creative ways to save

Just kidding! We live together. A move we made in the interest of saving money. We’ll dive into how we’re managing this as Christians in another blog post. We are so excited because this blog post is kicking off a series of blogs and vlogs that we will be creating together.

Us: Save Money

In New Orleans this past summer on a swamp tour

Save money

Jet Skiing in Detroit

Save Money

My master’s Graduation photoshoot 

Bike Riding in Barcelona

Bike Riding on the beach in Barcelona

Black Love in Paris






Us in Paris Summer 2017

Black Travel

Us in Montego Bay, Jamaica 


We  LOVE to travel and we LOVE to try new things. We have an upcoming trip to Cape Town South Africa and plan on going to Dubai later this summer. How are we able to afford these things?

Save money

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Jk! We work hard, we sacrifice, and we save!

Disclaimer*  I realize that we are privileged in the sense that we both have jobs that not only pay us well (decent) but also gives us lots of time off. However, HUGE sacrifices still have to be made to finance all of the things that we like to do.

When you’re dating, and especially if you’re living with each other you need to come up with a financial plan so that you both are on the same page in terms of your financial goals. Financial issues are one of the leading causes of breakups and or divorce. If you want to avoid breaking up over finances, you’ll want to find a way to save. Saving may not sound fun if you have issues managing your money, or if you already have a tight paycheck to paycheck budget, but it can make a difference in your relationship and the amount you have in your savings account.

3 Creative Ways to Save money with your Live in Significant Other

Creative ways to save

  1. Fiscal Fast! 

What’s a fiscal fast?

A “fiscal fast” is just a fancy way of saying no spending for a period of time. To keep it simple, for 30, 60 or 90 days you don’t buy anything (zilch, nothing, nada!) that isn’t necessary to live or contributes to your well-being.

Read more about it here.

2. Bill Swap

Whats Bill Swapping?

IF ITS FEASIBLE* every other month one person is 100% financially responsible for shared bills. So in our household, that’s rent, car insurance, cable, and electric. Anything like cell phone bills, credit cards, student loans, etc we are on our own for. However, if you and your significant other are on the same phone line you can add that bill as well.

This enables each party to have an entire month where MINIMUM they should be able to use whatever they would have put towards rent, cable, etc to save, pay off debt, or splurge a little. Doing this has raised our savings exponentially.

3. Live Below your Means 

So many of us go broke trying to look rich. Me personally, I prefer a happy medium. Im not saying go find a trap house to live out of but maybe opt for the cheaper apartment with less rent and some utilities included? Get a nice car but not one that will cause you to go broke over a monthly car note. Do your own nails, check out a thrift store when you get the urge to go shopping, etc.

Other Money Savings Tips:

  • Pay bills on time– racking up late fees increases the amount you’re already struggling to pay and makes your credit score drop.
  • Have a savings competition– make saving money fun by competing to see who can save the most. At the end of the competition, you both win regardless of whose saved more!
  • Create and stick to a monthly budget.
  • Use a budgeting app. I personally recommend Mint. You can create budgets on it and it keeps track of every penny spent off of your debit card.
  • Try to put up SOMETHING each check. Even if its only $20 put something towards your savings each check.
  • Eat at home/Pack a lunch, seriously this can help you save so much money. Fast food/eating out every day adds up fast.
  • Reduce expenses. Keep the lights off, get energy efficient bulbs, downsize your cable to just the internet and get Hulu or Netflix.
  • Bargain hunt, only shop at the grocery store when items you need are on sale. Coupon, or find someone who does because they usually resale household items for much cheaper than the store.
  • If you have a problem spending take out cash and leave your debit card at home. This will ensure you don’t overspend.
  • Use your credit cards for emergencies only. Though I must say we usually buy our plane tickets off of a credit card because we automatically get the travel insurance and the cash back. A general rule of thumb for building and maintaining credit is NEVER spend what you cant afford to buy in cash. Keep that mentality and you’ll keep yourself out of credit card debt.
  • Only use your bank ATM. Seriously because those ATM fees can add up quick
  • Bank wisely! Choose a bank or credit card that offers high rates of return and cash back options.
  • Give up expensive habits like smoking, doing drugs, etc.
  • Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions. For example, I pay for Planet Fitness membership but NEVER go. I need to cancel it and keep more of my money in my pocket. 
  • Entertain yourself for cheap. Go on Eventbrite and look up free events in your area. Go see a movie during matinee and bring your own snacks. Go to the museum on free days, etc.
  • Sell any items that you don’t use or wear anymore. Seriously! Have a garage sell and get rid of the junk you no longer use or wear. You can also sell it to places like Plato’s closet or just donate it.
  • Holiday shop after the holidays. 

Creative Ways to SAve Money

Put these tips into practice and watch your savings grow! It may be hard at first if you have issues with spending but it’ll get easier the more you adjust your spending habits. Keeping a savings helps you have a safety net in cases of emergencies. “Put up a little now to have a lot less stress later”! Plus whats sexier than a boyfriend or a girlfriend that financially stable?

Creative ways to save

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We’d love to hear from you! 

What are some creative ways that you and your significant other save money? 


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4 comments on “3 Creative Ways to Save money with your Live in Significant Other

    1. Yes! Fiscal fasts are my favorite. Really helps get your spending under control and helps you to identify areas where you are wasting money. Thank you for reading

  1. I’ve never heard of bill swapping but it’s something I could see myself and my significant other trying and saving a lot of money doing it. Also, I hope you plan to blog about your trip to Dubai, I’m planning a trip myself later in 2018 and would love to see how your trip goes.

    1. Yes! A lot of people recommend just living off of one persons income and saving the rest, which may work if you’re married but if you’re not gotta keep the coins separate ! lol & I for sure will! Getting a GoPro before Africa to document every moment. Thanks for reading.

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