Iphone Users are Problematic

Iphone users are problematic

Iphone Users are Problematic

Iphone users are problematic

Yep, I said It!

Whats up with iPhone users and this need to bash those of us with older models?  Sprint & Verizon has made it so easy for iPhone fanatics to keep up with the latest model with its “Iphone forever plans”. Locking consumers in leases when they used to give out phones for free!
Cheap me is like:
iphone users cheap
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Because what the heck happened to free phones?! I honestly blame Metro PCS because when they came out and started forcing people to pay for phones for cheaper plans, Sprint and Verizon said HEY! Let’s make our customers pay for their phones too!
This post isn’t dedicated to tech geeks keeping up with the latest technology but to those of you who literally cannot name one new feature on the iPhone outside of the camera upgrades but INSIST on getting the new model every time it comes out. Then proceed to talk about other people with the older models. If you have your iPhone and live your life without commenting on others mobile devices, cool! This post isn’t about you, if you have, however, ever made fun of someone for having an older iPhone after you upgraded, this post is for sure for YOU. 
And to all of you, I say:  Imagine being so lame that you try to make ppl feel inadequate because they arent LEASING an iPhone like you are.
Iphone users are problematic
These type of ppl are problematic and are the exact reason our youth are out here killing over petty stuff like Jordans.
They try to make you feel bad about yourself over something material. As if you’re “less than” because you aren’t doing your best to keep up with them and everybody else. Half of yall out here in knock off’s, swiping aka STEALING, or barely making it by, but hey least you got that new iphone!
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Me and my old iPhone that works perfectly fine:
Them: “You still got that old iphone”
Me: “You still only have a hs diploma?”
Blackish Iphone
Black Girl Magic
Ohhhh I would be an asshole if I did that eh?
Oh ok.
Bet a lot of y’all get quiet when asked to compare things that ACTUALLY matter like checking accounts, savings accounts, 401k’s, and credit scores. Because I can afford the new Iphone out of pocket can you?
But I digress, moral of this post is mind your business, worry about what you have and not what others do or don’t.
Thanks =)
& To those of you TRULY worried about me and my phone, I will be upgrading before my trip to Africa. Cause thats what I spend my money on, experiences, trips, etc, not things.

Id love to hear from you!

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8 comments on “Iphone Users are Problematic

  1. I have an older iPhone. Her iPhone 5s. Because I like it. I have had people come at me about it and I just don’t care lol. It’s suchba ridiculous thing to jump on somebody about:

    1. Yes lol Ive had so many people comment on my 5s and Im like why does MY phone matter to you!?! If I robbed your ass for your phone that’ll be a problem too right?

  2. LOL. I loveeee your writing style we both use gifs to tone the post. I never sat down and really thought about how we harp over shiny new iPhones. I myself have been caught up in the desperate attempt to “keep up”. thank you for this read!

    1. Thank you for reading! Ill be sure to check out your blog as well. Its cool to get those things if you can afford it I just hate when people try to make others feel less than for not having it. Like okay Sarah I can pay $25 a month to lease an iphone too, calm down lol

  3. Honestly if it still works fine, DON’T FIX IT!
    People always want the next big money waster and encourage others to do the same (so they won’t feel stupid feeling alone).
    Although…old phones do tend to get slower as the years progress. But still!

    1. Yes lol my phone is tripping. I will upgrade soon though and not cause ppl said I should just cause its time haha. Thanks for reading

  4. Haaa this was a funny read! I use an iPhone 6 that I’m not going to replace until it crashes or shuts down on its own. With the exception of times when I can take photos with my phone and they don’t look so great, I rarely see the need to get a new phone just because there’s a new one on the market – that’s a little ridiculous if you think about it… || http://www.lorikemi.com

    1. Yeah Im upgrading purely for the camera and only because Im taking a trip. Thanks for reading!

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