Art Meets Evolution

Art Meets Evolution

Rorher Land

Creative director Rashad and his brand Rorher (Row-er) challenges the status quo with his riveting art exhibition on evolution titled “They’ve been here”. Each of the pictures in the series represents a state of growth Rashad had to go through to evolve as a person. He expands on this through art. Telling a story about how we can live many lives until we learn what it is its meant for us to learn.

Ascending into Rorher Land

“Through the physical, created on the unknown, with the help of others along the way, it shall be completed by universal thought. Those who believe in themselves will succeed; those facing root issues and unsure of themselves are believers in doubt and will not”. -Rashad of Rorher [Click to Tweet]

The first series is about stepping into the unknown.


Being fearless without being afraid of the outcome.

Ascending into Roher Land

Becoming yourself.

Ascending into Roher Land

Weary of the ways of the world- Solange.

The second part of the series was about accepting yourself and everything that you are.

Ascending into Roher Land

“In order to fully accept and love yourself, you need to isolate yourself. You become a gift to the world when you discover your true self”. [Click to Tweet]

Ascending into Rorher Land

“When you strip yourself of dead weight, then can you fully live”. [Click to tweet]

Ascending into Rorher Land

“Peace comes after letting go” [Click to Tweet] 

Ascending into Rorher Land

Return to the Womb

“Life is sometimes a jungle, there are many different predators and threats, and when you find yourself alone, the outcome may be bleak. The jungle represents a different atmosphere then what you may be used to, and things may not work out as planned but they always work out.”

Ascending into Rorher Land

“Are we ever REALLY alone? We all sometimes feel alone, but as long as there is life in this world, we are not”. [Click to Tweet]

Rorher Land

The last shall be the first and the first shall be the last

“Sometimes things get tight and we feel a lot of pressure, but you cant let these experiences break you.”

Rorher Land


“Darkness becomes light, just as light eventually becomes darkness. Accept that all things we see as darkness, we can find in the light”. [Click to tweet]

ROrher Land



When The Last Sister Arrives, The Children Will Play

This part of the series was about Rashad navigating his emotions and where he was in his life, and with his brand.

Rorher Land -Cherise Floyd

The last part of this series is coming soon.

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