Dysfunctional -Part 4: Death Threats

Death Threats

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Ring. Ring. Ring.

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “I’m going to kill your mom.”

“Mommmmmmmmmmm,” I screamed. “Somebody’s on the phone for you.”

My mom came immediately, nd grabbed the phone.


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I’m guessing he passed on his message to her, because she responded with, “Devin, are you taking your medicine?”

“You need to take your medicine, Devin,” she said again before hanging up.

Devin was Dre and Drew’s father. While he was dating my mother, he started having schizophrenic episodes. My mom worked as a nurse when they were together, I remember him having these moments where he would wild-out and accuse my mom of injecting him with stuff while he slept. Eventually, they broke up, and it’s always been a concern of ours that Devin’s mental illness would be passed down to Dre or Drew when they got older, but we were praying it skips a generation.

“Is he serious?” I asked my mom, concerned.

“It’s just his illness talking. Once he takes his meds he’ll be fine,” my mom tried to reassure me.

They had been broken up for over five years at that point, and I, for the life of me, couldn’t understand why his mind continued to revert back to her. He didn’t stop after that. He kept calling, and calling with the same message: “I am going to kill your mother.” Honestly, some days dealing with her, he would call and I would want to say “don’t talk about it, be about it!” But instead, I just followed behind my mother and listened as she instructed him to take his medication.

I asked my mom why she wouldn’t just change the number, but she said she’d prefer to keep tabs on him. As long as he was calling he wasn’t actually coming over, so it made sense initally. But that was until he actually did come over and try to kill her.

The first incident occurred when “someone” set our garage on fire. We woke up to it being engulfed in flames and ran outside just in time to see a figure running down the street. It was never confirmed to be Devin, but we always assumed that it was.

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A few weeks later, Devin actually came to act on all of his threats. He kicked down our door, went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and tried to kill my mother. I remember the night it happened as if it were yesterday.

Devin that night:

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After getting the knife, Devin came upstairs to our room.

I woke up to someone calling my name.

“Andrea,” the voice whispered.

“Andrea!” The same voice whispered a little louder, pulling me out of my sleep.

“What?” I asked back looking around.

I had a futon bed that was like a bunk bed, but no one ever slept on the top bunk. Tonight, however, Asia was on it peering over looking down at me.

“Devin is in the house,” she whispered.

“What?” I said still trying to wake up.

“Devin is in the house!” She said a little louder.

“Well, why the fuck would you just leave me down here?!” I yelled back, hopping on the top bunk with her.

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We heard a lot of commotion downstairs, but refused to go see what was going on. When the police arrived and detained him, we were told that after Devin left our rooms he went into the boy’s room to give his son kisses on the forehead, and then proceeded to walk into my mothers room and try to stab her. Luckily, — and I never thought I’d say this — her boyfriend was there, and fought him off. He pushed Devin out of the room, slammed the door, and kept him out until the police came. The same person destroying her life saved her, how crazy is that?

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We were so thankful he didn’t hurt us, but he could have if he wanted to. He could have slaughtered us all before my mom even knew what was going on. It just goes to show that everything always works out in the end. My sister moved out because of my mom’s abusive boyfriend, but he ended up saving her. Which was cool and all but it was still like….

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As to be expected my mother was never the same after that. I think finding out that Devin came in our rooms before he attempted to stab her really affected her because she started sleeping on the couch in the living room — which was right by the front door. It was almost as if she were offering herself up as the sacrificial lamb… you know, if he ever decided to come back.

But he never did, thank God.

To be continued…..

Discussion: Have you and your family ever been in a life or death situation? How did you guys handle it, and how did you bounce back after? 

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