Voyor Pore Vacuum, an Honest Review

Voyor Pore Vacuum Review

Voyor Pore Vacuum, an Honest Review

Voyor Pore Vacuum

Voyor Pore Vacuum, an honest review:

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I purchased this pore vacuum off of Amazon a while ago and just got around to using it. It’s a skincare tool that’s supposed to minimize pores, remove blackheads and grease, reduce acne, exfoliate dead skin, tighten up skin, lessen wrinkles, and smooth fine lines. You can purchase it from Amazon here:

Overall, I rate the product a 6/10. The shipping was great, and so is the price point. It’s a fun tool to add to any skincare regimen.

Read about my dermaplanning experience here. 

Voyor Pore Vacuum Review

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