Natural Hair Length Check August 2019

Natural Hair Length Check

Natural Hair Length Check

Length Check Shirt


Natural Hair Length Check: It’s been a while and I’m back like I never left with the first length check of my natural hair series. I am on a journey to waist length hair y’all! I have been no heat natural for a little over 4 years now. I try to avoid direct heat as much as possible (I occasionally blow dry my hair to trim my ends).

I’m currently suffering from a set back due to not taking care of my hair as well as I should have during a bout of depression. I wore my hair under a head wrap for about six months straight and it really did a number on my hair.

Split Ends Gif

I’m cutting off thin, lifeless ends (because the goal is HEALTHY waist-length hair otherwise, what’s the point?) and with the help of a bomb haircare routine, protective styling, and the use of some select hair vitamins (be sure to subscribe because I will be doing a give away with my next hair growth challenge!), I’m hoping to accelerate growth and improve the overall health of my tresses.

Damaged Ends Natural Hair

Split Ends Natural Hair

With no further ado, my length check for August 2019 :

Length Check Natural Hair

Natural Hair Length Check

My hair is currently at the 13 inches mark. I need to cut about two more inches off to get rid of all the thin ends (but I’ll be doing that gradually).

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29 comments on “Natural Hair Length Check August 2019

  1. Love it. You have a really great natural texture! I’ll be following your journey. I know you’ll get there

    1. Thank you! I’m going to try some different hair vitamins and see if that helps. Thank you for reading

  2. Sorry to hear about your depression, but I’m happy to hear you’re back on track with your natural hair goals. I’d love to see more about your protective styles.

  3. Your hair is SO long! And kudos to trimming your dead ends! So many women with natural hair hold on to them just to keep the length, when we’re just hurting our progress in the long run.

    1. Thats exactly why I cut mine off. I dont want it to travel up and damage my hair even more. Thank you for reading

  4. I would love to know how you accelerate growth. I wondered if you were going to focus on just products or other methods (e.g., nutrition, vitamins). I will stay tuned.

    1. Im going to try hair vitamins! Ill be doing a give away in the next week or so. I think Im going to start with the Mane Choice vitamins and see how those work for me. Thank you for reading.

  5. Wow! You’ve done a great job with maintaining your natural hair. I’m natural too and I get so frustrated with it that I flat iron it weekly. I also never know what products to use. We natural girls can grow some hair. Mine has gotten to my shoulders. Something I never achieved with a relaxer.

    1. Girllll I wore my head in a headwrap for so long lol. I dont know why I want it to grow so long I cant do anything with it. Try out a few things until you find what works for your hair. If you cut out heat I beat your hair will grow even longer. My hair is the longest its ever been and I attribute that 100% to not using heat and protective styles (buns, braids, sew ins, etc).

  6. Great read! Length checks scare me sometimes especially when I expect 2+ inches & instead I find my length’s same and hasn’t shifted an inch 😅🤦🏽‍♀️ Still do them anyways!

    1. Thats why I only do one every few months. Im not really interested in my hair growing longer until it thickens up a bit. Thanks for reading

    1. I actually made mine. Just take an old shirt, ruler, marker and you have a length check shirt lol

  7. Your texture is awesome. Natural hair is a journey within itself!! Glad to see your coming around after your bout of depression, keep pushing.

  8. Beautiful hair. I have been natural for about a year and a half now and I wish that I could magically speed up the growth process. LOL. I didn’t know that head wraps can cause damage if worn long-term. I guess it makes sense. I’ve not worn any but I think they’re cute and may try one.

    1. Yeah I wore mine for months. I would suggest putting a cap over your head so the friction won’t cause damage. Maybe you should try a hair vitamin to jump start your growth. I’ll be trying some to try to get my hair thicker. Thank you for reading

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