Black Blogger Resources

Black Blogger Resources

Black Blogger Resources

Black Blogger Resources

Blogging can be overwhelming when you first start off. Its one thing to write engaging posts, pick the right pictures, and hit publish. Its a totally different ball game once you start trying to increase traffic and monetize your site. One of the best ways to promote your blog is to find, join, and participate in your blogging niche communities.

The engagement on my posts has increased tenfold since joining and participating in Facebook blogging groups as well as Twitter blogging tribes/threads. Before joining these groups my blog was limited to the number of followers I had. Now I have a wide array of blogging communities that I can not only share my work through, but I can collaborate, ask questions, get feedback, etc. I owe a lot of what I now know about blogging to joining and participating in these groups. Each member has a wealth of information to give and Its nice being able to share my concerns, frustrations, wins, losses, etc with people in the same boat as I am. I am a part of a lot of blogging groups (lifestyle, travel, etc) but I write a lot of material specifically for POC. So It was important to me to join blogging communities that would not just read my content but actually be able to relate.

If you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for a while but are looking to bring more traffic to your site, or engage with other bloggers check out some of the content below. You will find some of the most helpful Facebook groups to join, twitter accounts to follow, hashtags to up your blog engagement, and general blogging tips for black bloggers. (A lot of these are female specific but most of them are not)

Facebook Blogging Groups to Join:

  1. Black Girl Bloggers 

Black Blogger Resources

2. Boss Girl Bloggers 

Black Blogger Resources

3. Brown Blog Love 

Black Blogger Resources

4. Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers 

Black Blogger Resources

5. Bloggers Uprising 

Bloggers uprising

6. Black Women Who Blog 

Black Women Who Blog

7. Black Bloggers Support 

Black Blogger Resources

8. Black Bloggers Network 

Black Blogger Resources

Twitter Accounts to Follow

Following, tagging, and hashtagging some of the top blogging Twitter accounts are a great way to get retweets from people with 1000’s of followers just waiting to read new blog content! Some of the top blogging twitter accounts to follow are:

  1. Black Bloggers United

Black Blogger Resources

2. Melanin Bloggers 

Melanin Bloggers

3. Blacks Who Blog 

Blacks Who Blog

4. LifeRiiImagined- Bloggers of Color 

Black Blogger Resources

5. Black Bloggers Connect 

Black Bloggers Connect

6. BlogHer

Black Blogger Resources

7. BloggerRT


8. Female Bloggers 

Black Blogger Resources

9. Bloggers of Colour 

Bloggers of Colour

10. Brown Girl Bloggers

Brown Girl Bloggers

11. Bloggers Tribe

Bloggers Tribe

12. Newbies Who Blog 


Twitter Hashtags for Retweets:

  1. #Blog
  2. #Blogger
  3. #MelaninBloggers
  4. #BrownGirlBloggers
  5. #Bloggersoc
  6. #BlacksWhoBlog
  7. QualityBlogRT
  8. #Bloggers
  9. #Lbloggers
  10. fbloggers
  11. bbloggers
  12. BBlogRT
  13. #BlogHer
  14. BBCBloggers
  15. #BloggersTribe
  16. LifestyleBlog
  17. FashionBlog
  18. TravelBlog
  19. BlackBlogger
  20. #NewbiesWhoBlog

General Blogging Tips for Traffic

  • Engage with other bloggers.– Most bloggers will reciprocate comments, likes, and subs on their blogs. Lots of big-time bloggers actually state that to increase engagement on your blog you should utilize the 80/20 rule, spending 80% of your time engaging with other bloggers and 20% of the time focusing on your own blog.
  • Participate in communities where your audience already gathers
  • SEO-Friendly content- This maximizes your blog popping up on search engines.
  • Utilize every social media platform to promote. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.
  • Use eye-popping graphics. -ALWAYS give credit when you use others images.
  • Guest Blog– and vice versa. This is a GREAT way to bring another bloggers viewers to your site and to send some of yours to theirs.
  • Enable Subscriptions-Keep the people that have stopped by your site coming back.
  • Catchy Titles– This along with eye-catching pictures alone can drive traffic to your site.
  • Keep Old Content Fresh– So what if that blog post is a year old, if the content is still relevant make sure that you share it every now and again.
  • Join Tailwind Tribes– Tailwind Tribes are a great way to get others to share your blog posts on Pinterest, they even have a cool scheduling feature! Join mines here

I still have a ways to go with growing my blog but these are some of the things Ive learned so far that have helped with traffic tremendously. I am preparing to self-host my blog and wish that I self-hosted from the beginning but you live and you learn! I hope these tips help, happy blogging!

Post updated as needed*

Discussion: What are some Facebook groups and or Twitter accounts that you follow to help grow/promote your blog?

What other advice or tips do you have to help grow blog traffic/engagement?

Id love to hear from you!

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18 comments on “Black Blogger Resources

  1. WOWW, thanks for this. So many gems. I’m tweeting, pinning, bookmarking. This is so helpful and necessary. I knew of some of the groups and pages but not all. The hashtags were also a great addition to this post.

    1. Im glad it was helpful for you! I tried to post all of the active groups because there are soooo many on FB and some have so many users your content gets lost. Thanks for reading and sharing. Ill be sure to reciprocate

  2. Great resource here. I’m focusing my social media strategy on Pinterest now. Since its my major traffic source. And recently had to join some Pinterest group boards. I use both tailwind and boardboaster. I’m writing a post on Pinterest group boards for bloggers and their admins, hoping it will be of help to someone.
    I’m bookmarking this page for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers ✌🤗

  3. This is great. Thank you for posting. I am still relatively new to blogging and am planning to post with greater frequency and purpose this year. This will serve as a constant resource.

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