Guest Post: What is The 40-40-40 Scam?


By: Cherise Floyd

Blogger of Life Rii-Imagined

This is where you work for someone else for 40 hours a week for 40 years and try to retire off of 40% of what you could barely live on when you were working. This is sadly, the reality for a large majority of people.


I want to be a writer. It took me six years, two degrees, and $88,000 of student loan debt to discover I want to be a writer.

Undergraduate Graduation:


Masters Degree:


I wasn’t encouraged to be a writer, to write poetry, to write stories, or songs. I was encouraged to write essays. Essays to institutions of higher education describing how they should let me in, how successful I could become if only given the opportunity. I was never encouraged to chase my own passion. Going to college was drilled in my head so much I was convinced it…

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Cherise is an entitled millennial whose parents told her from birth she would be great. This drive to be great has caused her to excel academically receiving two degrees at the age of 25 and $85,000 of debt. She still has no (insert cuss word) clue on what to do with her expensive degrees or her life in general. You can typically catch her dodging calls from Sallie Mae, sleeping, or updating this blog. To read more about Cherise and her experiences navigating the scary world of adulting click one of the links on this blog.

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