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I have been dealing with high functioning depression for a while now. I have been in this slump and I cant seem to get myself out of it. My days consist of work and sleeping. Im trying to pull myself out of it but I just cant at the current moment. I think its because Im feeling so empty and unfulfilled. A couple of years ago I had my entire life planned out and now I have no clue what to do with myself on a daily basis. Usually, going to the gym helps out but I cant bring myself to go to the gym. Im in this weird depressive state where I dont have the desire to do anything that will more than likely help me feel better.

What I wish I was doing instead of having to get up to be a productive person:

giphy (6).gif

I am so fed up with feeling like this. Its a day to day struggle with no end in sight. Ive hit this type of low twice in my life. The first time I dropped out of high school for about two months and just wandered around aimlessly. The second time I quit my job and stayed holed up in my apartment for two months. I desperately need some time off, I was considering taking a leave but I have bills to pay you know?  With all the craziness going on in the world mental health days should really be added as a benefit. Even though I want to, I really can’t afford to just drop out of life at this current moment.

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Hopefully, I feel better soon.

Discussion: What do you do to pull yourself out of depressive episodes?

Feeling like this is beyond exhausting.

Id love to hear from you!

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4 comments on “Talk About it Tuesdays: Depression

  1. I don’t suffer from chronic depression but I have had it many years ago. I literally had friends that would drag me out everywhere. Social interaction totally pulled me through it.

    1. Its crazy how depression snatches away the desire to do everything that helps you feel better! I said that I was going to have to force myself to do things to start feeling better but havent quite got there yet lol. Thanks for reading and responding!

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