Insecure: Thoughts After “Hella Disrespectful” Episode 15

If you’ve been keeping up with Insecure then you know Issa and Lawerence have been going through it. I have so many thoughts after this weeks episode.

First let’s start with




Issa clearly isn’t about that hoe life. Granted, later we find out that Daniel was intending to be disrespectful but Issa baby its head… And if you’re doing it good enough there’s a good chance some cum will be involved.

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A hoe would’ve took it like a champ, you’re just a cry baby on the rebound. Next time set some boundaries, and tell him where its acceptable to cum at. I wonder if he had came in her mouth would she have took issue with that as well? Where was this man supposed to cum? Why give him head in the first place if you weren’t going to commit and be nasty with it?

Better yet, you know he wants more so why keep wasting time trying to put him on your “hoe list” when he actually wants to be with you? Why give him head in the first place when you’re not even interested in taking it to the next level? Especially when this person is the reason why you’re single.

Issa, get your shit together. Worried about some dick, worry about getting your car fixed girl! Or better yet worry about finding a job that enables you to stop being the “poor friend”



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Molly, Molly, Molly….. All I have to say is..

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I have to ask because something is telling me Dro is not keeping it 100. Im not sure why Molly insists on passing up available people to entertain someone who is married. Open marriage or not, unless you’re trying to one day be a sister wife or break up a “happy home” why are you even wasting your time girlfriend? How can you pass judgment on your parents when your somebodies husband side piece yourself?

Better yet how could a black lawyer, working her ass off to prove she’s just as good as her white male counterparts settle for being a sidepiece? I really hope that she sticks to cutting him off like she said but I could tell from that bathroom scene shes definitely in her feelings and we know how that goes sometimes.

Now on to….



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Bring that ass to the front of the congregation boy because I’m about sick of you.

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One, its been in terrible taste that you have chosen to ignore Issa instead of just talking to her and getting closure because you both seem to need it. Lets also not ignore the fact that you left her 100% financially responsible for an apartment yall used to share. Dont let his name be on the lease cause if I was Issa I’d be taking Lawrence to court.

Two, please don’t talk about Issa still messing around with Daniel or being a “hoe” when after five years you tossed her to the curb like she was nothing. No conversation, no closure, just bounced. Lawrence has been in one situationship with Tasha and it seems like he’s working on situationship #2 with his coworker (which dating coworkers is a HUGE no-no in my book). So yeah Issa out here “hoeing” but you’re out here jumping into relationships (or situationships because nothing was official) with two other women at this point. On top of meeting randoms and having sex with two weirdos in exchange for a pack of beer. In addition to fucking up Issa head by going to smash her in between your other trysts!

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Three, I find it interesting that now that he isnt with Issa he has completely upgraded his life. Great job, living in an apartment more spacious and upscale than his digs with Issa. Driving a fancy car ( I don’t recall seeing him in a car last season so maybe he already had it or is it a new purchase?). Either way where was all this drive and initiative when you were so glued to the couch you forgot Issa’s birthday? Why couldn’t you do exactly what you’re doing now while you were with Issa? Working AND developing Woot, Woot?

Facebook was created in a dorm so I’m not sure what all he needed to get Woot Woot cracking, but whatever he was doing wasn’t working. He wasted so much time, in fact, his co-worker states that the app would have been of better use some years back. But besides getting cheated on, breaking up with Issa seems like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He has an amazing job, great apartment, and cant keep the ladies off of him.

Things are for sure looking up for Lawrence. Almost as if the break up was destined. Almost as if him being with Issa was really holding him back because them breaking up put the fire under him that he needed to get his shit together. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Issa had just been honest about her being unhappy and they took a break instead of her cheating… Maybe things would be different.

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Meanwhile, Issa’s job is shitty (but improving now that her and her coworker are on the same page), car is broke down, apartment walls burnt (all I keep thinking when we see the burn patch on the ceiling is girl your security deposit it out the window) with the rent going up. And now due to her having a breakdown, over her break up, seven episodes after the fact, her whole apartment is fucked up. At this point, I don’t think a reconcilation is possible between Issa and Lawerence and since their relationship woes have been the main storyline of the show im interested to see what the next episode and season 3 holds.

 The show has lead to so much dialogue and discussion regarding relationships between my peers and I love it.

Keep it up Issa Rae!


Discussion: Is closure important when ending a relationship? 

Id love to hear from you!

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