Dear White People

Stop telling POC how to feel when somebody does or says something that offends them.

Buzzfeed posted an article earlier today talking about how the Chinese did not want Gigi Hadid to perform in the Victoria Secret fashion show slated to be held in Shanghai this year.


I read through the article and made my way to the comments for the entertainment I knew was lurking there and was not disappointed. Meet Rain Rodgers :

rain r.PNG

Who has somehow convinced herself that the movie “White Chicks” put us all in a state of comedic world peace.

And Lydia


I was fixing my fingers to type this exact statement but Paloma beat me to the punch.


To which Rain wasted no time with her pointless “I grew up in the slums, I went to black schools” rebuttal. The only thing missing was her “I have black friends” proclamation

giphy (3).gif


I really don’t understand why this is some wypipos go to.

Its almost like they think:

Struggling= Black and Brown people

Slums = Black and brown people

Anything bad= Black and brown people

Hey Rain, you are aware that isnt every brown and black persons experience right?

giphy (26)

Its almost as if they aren’t aware that wypipo are some of the poorest people in this country. But I guess when the media makes it their mission to highlight the failures of people from black and brown communities 24/7 and paint whites as white saviors what do you expect?


giphy (1)


But she just wouldnt stop…..


To which of course she was educated again…



But oh wait…


Soooooo she’s not going to take “racist terms” being thrown at her but literally just told the Asian community to get over what Gigi Hadid did.

Hypocritical much?

giphy (9).gif





She doesn’t see color yet made sure she mentioned she went to an all black school and was beaten up by them… Seems like she see’s color just fine if you ask me. But of course, whenever a white person is called out they pull the “R” card.


giphy (5).gif

‘You think Im being racist by telling Asians they should laugh at someone making fun of them- HELLO have they not seen White Chicks?! I grew up poor, I have student loans, I went to a black school, Im down with poc so you’re the one thats really racist here buddy.” – Rains Statements in summary


FYI Rain…..giphy (7).gif

FINALLY, someone from the Asian community chimed in.


Rains Response:


“Of course everyone jumps down the throat of the white girl”

Girl stop trying to play the victim.


Please, please wypipo, dont be like Rain…. Dont compare racism to the movie white chicks, dont assume all black and brown people grew up in the slums, and dont tell people of color how to feel about racism k?

K bye.

giphy (6).gif


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