#GoSomePlaceNow Cape Town South Africa

Go some place now

#GoSomePlaceNow is back at it again, planning an epic trip to, drumroll please….

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Come have the experience of a lifetime with 20+ young professionals from all over the US in Cape Town South Africa. #GoSomePlaceNow has planned an epic itinerary jam packed with tours, and excursions guaranteed to give you a real taste of South Africa.

The cost of the trip is starting at $750 NOT INCLUDING THE FLIGHT. With a $300 deposit due by August 18th, 2017, please keep in mind spaces are limited and will be given away on a first come first serve basis.

The $750 program fee includes:

  • Customized itinerary
  • Traveling photographer/videographer 
  • Welcome Gift 
  • Seaside Hotel stay 
  • Most meals! 
  • Overnight Safari (Big 5)
  • Bike Tour
  • Private Wine Tour in Stellenbosch 
  • Champagne Reception
  • VIP Night Out 

There is also space in the itinerary to plan your own excursions some of those options include things like:

Bungee Jumping off of Cape Town Bridge 

Swimming with the sharks: 

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride: 

Take surfing lessons: 

And so much more! 

Im going! I have been checking out flights and see some roundtrip tickets from Toronto to Capetown (Im in Detroit) for $1070! You cant beat $535 each way to Africa. Flights to Africa have a few (long) layovers but this specific flight has one, there and on the way back, both in London. I will definitely be exploring London while there on a layover.  So its almost like you get two trips for the price of one!

For $1820 you can have the experience of a lifetime! For those of you thinking $1820!!

giphy (38).gif

Relax, you can make payments! You could also ask for donations from family, ask for money towards your trip for Christmas instead of a gift, and the trip is after most people have their taxes.

#GoSomePlaceNow will be providing one lucky person the opportunity to join this trip for FREE! Be sure to follow #GoSomePlaceNow on Facebook & Instagram to find out how you could be in Africa on their dime next year!

If you aren’t the lucky winner, make a way! You do not want to miss this trip! 


The promo email is going out tonight. If you’re interested contact Brittany @ britta@gosomeplacenow.com with “Cape Town Adventure” as the subject, be sure to mention my name(Cherise)! 

Hope to see you there! It’s going to be lit. 


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Id love to hear from you!

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