Rebuilding the Black Community

Blacks have developed a crippling desire to prove their respectability to whites, hoping that once convinced, whites will have a moral epiphany that leads to the dismantling of white supremacy. This obsession with white acceptance prevents the race as a whole from doing what is necessary to completely free themselves from oppression“.- Marcus Garvey

We cannot thrive in a system that was created by them, for them. Yet, we still try and It’s pathetic when you really think about it. They stripped us of our language, and our culture to create African zombie worker bees.

  • We were slaves
  • Discriminated against during Jim Crow
  • Murdered by the Klan whenever they felt like it


  • “War on Drugs” to put us into prison slavery
  • Blacks are killed by the police and not punished
  • Blacks are sentenced to higher jail terms than whites
  • Discriminated against in jobs, in media, in film, for awards.
  • Forced to live in subpar neighborhoods with subpar education

Yet black people are still crying out for white people to have some humanity and treat us equally.

giphy (54)

The reality is we live in a country that reminds us what they think about black people every day.

Post I saw on Twitter:


Thank you SO much white savior! Thank you for taking me from my homelands, beating me, stripping me of my language and my culture. Thank you for raping our women, killing our men, separating families, feeding us your scraps, and freeing us only to deal with Jim Crow for the next few decades. Thank you for bombing little girls in churches, picnicking during the local hanging, and for killing young black men for “whistling”. We thank you!

Uhh.. Naw!


I personally feel like systematic racism will NEVER end. We give them their power by being dependent on them. Its time we come together and show them by our actions we are more than what they think.

We shop at THEIR grocery stores.

Try to get loans from THEIR banks.

Attend THEIR schools and institutions of higher learning.

We work for THEIR businesses.

But demand respect from them, and wonder why we dont get it.

Racist White America be like:



Lets stop asking for our respect and demand it. We are a strong people that have mastered survival but now it’s time to thrive! 

  • Lets rebuild our neighborhoods. Let those of us who go off and get degrees COME BACK to the hood and share the knowledge.
  • Let us create our own institutions of learning and create individuals who pursue not only degrees but trades.
  • Lets create more entrepreneurs and less workers.
  • Lets police our own communities.
  • Lets create a safe space for youth to go.
  • Lets promote safe sex and teach black women the value of their bodies.
  • Lets teach our black men family values, and how to respect women, most importantly how to respect themselves and other black men.
  • Lets start community gardens and encourage good nutrition and good health.
  • Lets encourage more trades and not make black children feel like if they arent cut out for college they have to rap or play basketball to be “successful”
  • Lets stop acting like we’re helpless and acknowledge that a large majority of us are brainwashed.

Other races tend to teach their children about finances, relationships, health, safety, politics, entrepreneurship, etc. Why is it the black community that lets its children be raised by the television and music? How many kids do you know that can spit rap lyrics word for word but cant tell you about Marcus Garvey? How many black kids do you know that knows white history but not their own outside of the fact they were slaves? Why would you trust white institutions to teach black children?

In researching for this blog I stumbled upon this interesting article by Dr. Boyce Watkins about black people being brainwashed he stated that allowing these things have lead to our detriment and I agree 100%:

  1.  Letting our oppressors educate our children, medicate them, and put them into the school-to-prison pipeline.
  2. Believing that white people are supposed to give us jobs when we can actually create them on our own: ” Given our long and rich history of working for white people, it can be difficult to see ourselves as the boss instead of the laborer.  In fact, even us “educated” black people were often told that you should study hard in school so that some white-owned company will love you enough to employ you.  Now, we’re seeing Harvard MBAs in the unemployment line, struggling to survive, like lions raised in the zoo who are starving to death because they were never taught how to hunt for their own food.”
  3. Thinking that every black person who goes to prison is automatically a bad human being.
  4. Eating food that is going to give you diabetes and/or heart disease and/or high blood pressure and/or chronic obesity by the age of 45.
  5. Valuing sports and entertainment over education
  6. Believing that black people you see on white-owned TV networks are supposed to be leaders or role models to your community
  7. Believing that every tax refund check and every paycheck is supposed to go straight to the mall to buy overpriced European brands from companies that don’t even hire black people.
  8. Thinking that being “rich” means having a high paying job, a big house or a fancy car, even if it’s all financed with debt.
  9. Giving your money to white businesses and avoiding the black ones
  10. Thinking that we’re all supposed to vote for the Democratic Party in every election
  11. Believing that Africa is a poor, dirty, horrible place with nothing but poverty and disease, and that you should thank your lucky stars you were “blessed” enough to live in America
  12. Believing that Harvard and Yale are better than Spelman and Howard
  13. Not realizing that both Spelman and Howard were founded by white people
  14.  Not realizing that most of the people who founded the NAACP were actually white and that this organization never really belonged to you in the first place.
  15. Thinking that straight hair is “good” and black hair is “nasty,” then giving all of your money to Korean beauty shops so they can make you feel better about yourself. 
  16. Believing that light skinned women are more attractive than those with dark skin
  17.  Knowing nothing about African history, but believing that every great accomplishment occurred in Europe, starting with Christopher Columbus “discovering” a country that was well-populated thousands of years before he arrived.
  18. Believing that you’re only supposed to pray, march and be peaceful every time your children get slaughtered by whites.
  19. Delivering your prayers to a big, white Jesus who will solve most of your problems for you, as long as you give money to the pastor.
  20. Believing that integration was a sign of progress for black people and not an era where black institutions were destroyed and left for dead
  21. Believing that Martin Luther King is more important than Malcolm X because white people market him more regularly
  22. Thinking that its normal to have an all-black neighborhood with a mostly white police force, when there are no all-white neighborhoods with a mostly black police force
  23. Thinking that the first black (fill in the blank) to get into a white institution actually represents progress, even though whites have never considered it be progress to get into our institutions (Does standard White History include a story about the first white man to get into Morehouse?)

When I say he went IN on this article!! You can read it in depth here 

We put way too much faith into this great white savior that has NEVER had anything for us. Only their hammy downs and scraps that our hard labor paid for. When will the black community come together and stand up and say enough? Why can we build the entire United States but need the white mans help to rebuild our own neighborhoods?

Id love to hear from you!

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