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I know you guys have probably grown tired of me quoting Eckart Tolle but I cant stop because my life has improved so much from reading this book!
Tolle says something in his book about “watching the thinker” and its because most of us let our mind and thoughts take over and become so consumed in them we think we are our mind.
Ive got great news for you, you arent! Your mind is only one component that is you.  We have to watch our thoughts because they can breed so much negativity if we let it. For those of us that suffer from anxiety or depression, we know how one bad thought can send us into the abyss of worry and have us thinking about problems and issues that dont exist, what if’s, natural disaster scenarios, etc (having anxiety can get a little crazy sometimes).
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The trick is to separate yourself from your mind when that starts to happen and be more present in the moment. To “Watch the thinker”

“Watching the thinker is essentially a technique that allows you to maintain a very present state by stepping outside of your mind and watching all of its crazy fantasies and delusions.” – fredtracy 

I was trying to think of an analogy to explain it and the best I could think of was the glass half full and half empty scenario.
The cup half full or half empty reveals your tendency to judge a situation as positive or negative.  If you see a glass half empty, you would tend to put a negative spin on the situation indicating you are focusing on the part of the glass that’s empty. Pessimistic.
If you see a glass half full, you would tend to put a positive, hopeful spin on the same situation, focusing on how much water there is in the glass as a plus.  After all, at least its not empty.  You have that much water to enjoy.   There is a presence of gratitude and motivation. Optimistic.

While its obviously better to be optimistic. What both of these people fail to see is the bigger picture. The watcher understands that the glass is neither half full or half empty it just is. The watcher knows not to get hung up on such trivial things because even though the glass is resting at whatever level its at now. Its overall capacity is greater than half full or half empty.
The watcher understands that the cups function is to be filled and to be emptied and to be filled again because that is the life and nature of a cup. So they would never waste time thinking so much about a cup being a cup! Its whole purpose it to hold ANY amount of water up to its brim.
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Think about it… Like REALLY think about it…

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