Stop running from your pain.

“Suffering is not caused by pain but by resisting pain.” ~Unknown Pain. Grief. Sadness. We hate it, these are ugly words in our society. One of humans first basic instincts is to avoid being hurt, and since we all would like to avoid the breaking or losing of limbs on a daily basis it’s definitely […]

Watch the Thinker

Because YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! I know you guys have probably grown tired of me quoting Eckart Tolle but I cant stop because my life has improved so much from reading this book! Tolle says something in his book about “watching the thinker” and its because most of us let our mind and thoughts […]

Jamaica Recap

  Its not even the summer and Ive already knocked off one item on my Summer 2017 Bucket List! Jamaica was AMAZING!!! I had a blast, and I have been bit with a travel bug, Im planning on traveling a lot more this upcoming year. Rowan- our Rastafarian host. The View We saw Dunn River Falls, ate […]

Are you happy being unhappy?

You probably had to reread that title a couple of different times because who could possibly be happy being unhappy? To be honest it’s more common than you think. So many of us blame our unhappiness on our life circumstances. “I dont have enough money, I didnt have good parents, I didnt have support growing up. If […]

You Are Not Your Mind.

In the English language, the brain and mind have almost become synonymous. We are multilayered beings, we are so complex that even in all the years we have been on this earth we have yet to have a full understanding of ourselves and therefore we can never truly experience the world. The trick to living a […]