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“As the cost of college grows, research shows that so does the number of hungry and homeless students at colleges and universities across the country”. If you’re a college student reading this look around.

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We joke about the struggle a lot and complain about on campus food choices, etc. But did you realize that some of your peers may not even have sucky campus food as an option and may be going hungry every night?

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The sad reality is:


Daryl Holman wanted to be a part of the solution to this growing problem and developed FreeSpot, an app to help connect users to free resources.


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Creator: Daryl Holman

1.What was the inspiration behind starting this project?

Growing up middle class, there will be many things that will make you feel like you made it, but others that remind you the struggle is still real. So while my parents were able to provide a car for me, I had no money to eat lunch at school. Not qualifying for free and reduced lunch and my friend having a similar situation, we would literally hang out near the trash can in the lunchroom and stop people before they threw away their food because we saw so much food was going to waste. Fast forward to college, I would always keep an eye

Fast forward to college, I would always keep an eye out for events that were going on in the student center just to see which events listed there would be free food or seemed like there would be free food because I just didn’t have it at home.



Whether it was the pantry they provided at school or any of the countless overpriced luncheons hosted on our campus, the story was the same; things some people were in desperate need of, others were letting go to waste. While stumbling upon a free meal or a couch on the side of the road when I had no money to purchase furniture made me happy in the moment, I never lost sight of finding a way to change the way we utilize the resources we have and learning to rethink what we do when we no longer need them.

2.Is creating an app complicated? What all went into taking the app from an idea to an actual application that can be downloaded in the app store?

Its actually still in development. So there’s still a lot on the horizon I still have yet to encounter but there’s many people in my network who have gone through it before who should help simplify the process.

3.Does your app rely on other people to donate or submit freebies in order for it to work? Or will someone there be doing research on free items?

It will include both, so FreeSpot definitely isn’t the first app or site that allows people to share things for free, but what my competition has failed to do is change the way people use their platforms.

Currently, what’s on the market is very need-based, so you look when you need something and you post when you have something that you either seriously don’t want to waste or its very annoying and you need it outside of your space. Through sponsorship, the plan is to utilize our partners to help encourage more frequent usage so sharing happens more often.

4.Is this app restricted to a particular group of people (ex. Low income?)

No restriction on users, I think everyone has something to offer to the people around them, yet at the same time something they could use from them as well.


5. How will you determine if someone qualifies for the services?

All are qualified, all are encouraged. Lol

 did you/are you financing your app?

Personally and through the contributions of people in my network.

7.What are some of the apps best features?

I think the apps best feature is the network it allows you to build, the coolest features are top secret actually, I will release it closer to the release date but I promise they wont disappoint. Lol

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8.Why should people download this app?

I’m someone who loves sharing EVERYTHING and doing it at no cost. I think that energy is definitely apparent in the how things will operate so in short, it will be an app that puts no limits on building up our communities and the people in it.

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 can people who want to donate things for free get involved?

There’s a donate button on the website, and whatever contribution is made will definitely help with promotion and bringing resources to users but I’m also looking for businesses interested in contributing to the platform.

10. How exactly can a business get involved and contribute? 

By making a donation, becoming a strategic partner on an initiative or buying equity in the organization.

Want to Get Involved? 

You could be a part of a solution to a growing problem amongst our peers. Be sure to


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