THE QUESTIONABLE LIFE AND TIMES OF RII PART 20: Im coming to you as a woman.

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Dre and I recently became friends on social media. He posted a status saying something and I commented on it when I went back to look at the post he deleted it. Im going to assume it’s this baby because everything was annoying me.

Julian text 1Julian text 2Julian text 3Julian text 4

He really had me fucked up. Fuck his status, fuck his girlfriend, and at this point fuck him. I just couldn’t understand his need to do the most for somebody he didn’t even want to be with long term. I was done, I was going to get an abortion, and wipe my hands of this entire situation.

My birthday was two days away and I wanted to be rid of all the drama by then. It was weighing heavy on my heart whether or not I should tell Dre about the baby. In a perfect world, I would tell him about the baby and then he would leave her for me, and we ride off into the sunset being relationship and family goals.


But the reality was looking more like:



Tanisha made me go out early to celebrate my birthday and I was glad that I did. I had a ball. It was so needed because the only thing worse than being the main chick in a terrible relationship is being the side chick that develops feelings. The cardinal rule of cheating with someone in a relationship is DONT CATCH FEELINGS.


It was great when I had someone to come home too but now that James was out of the equation It made me needier for Dre. But no more, I was single and ready to mingle. Tanisha and I were fine so we were in the club taking all kinds of selfies and posting them online.

giphy (73).gif

Dre had been texting me but I was ignoring him. If he had no intentions on leaving his girlfriend we had nothing else to discuss. We could go back to being co-worker friends and leave it at that.

Dre would not let up, he would text, call, walk past my desk a million times at work. He was willing to do everything but break up with his girlfriend. Even though today was my birthday it was no exception.

“Happy Birthday Rii,” he said coming up to my desk.

“Thanks Dre,” I said dryly trying not to look at him. He was hard to resist and if I wanted to stay strong I needed to stay away from him.

“You hungry? Can I get you anything? Birthday lunch on me,?” he asked.

“No Im good thanks,” I said finally looking up with a fake smile.

giphy (5)

“Any plans tonight for your big day?” he asked not getting the hint I didn’t want to talk.

“Nope, went out with my friends the other night so I am just chilling at home,” I said. I knew what he was hinting towards. An invitation over and as bad as me and my body wanted him, I thought it was best to continue to keep my distance.

“Oh okay cool,” he said finally getting the hint. “I hope you enjoy yourself.”

“Yeah, sure thanks,” I said before I walked away.

Tanisha insisted that I could not be alone on my birthday so she came over with some wine but fell asleep on me. I heard a knock at the door, opened it, and to my surprise, it was Dre standing there with birthday balloons in his hand.

“Whats this?” I asked opening the door.

“I havent liked how things have been between us and I just wanted to make sure you had a good birthday, Im just here strictly as a friend,” he said handing me the bouquet of balloons.

“Great because my other friend is here,” I said pointing to Tanisha. “You can have a seat on the couch,” I said pointing to an open space on the sofa. We both sat down on the couches some space a part.

“You wanna watch a movie or?” I asked him.

“Yeah thats cool,” he said. So I put on a movie.

About ten minutes into the movie he starts play fighting with me.

giphy (81).gif

“You wanna fight or you just wanted an excuse to touch me?” I asked trying to hold back my smile.

“Come here,” he said.

giphy (74).gif

“Noooooooooo,” I said playfully

giphy (75)

All of a sudden we went from:

giphy (81)



giphy (79)



giphy (80)


He had me right where he wanted me. He had me right where I wanted to be. Where I wanted to stay, and it was in that moment that I knew I was in love with him. And based on his actions over the past week I knew that he wouldnt let me go. So I was going to force him to choose. It was going to be me or her, he wasnt going to keep both. He wasnt going to make me fall in love with him, run out on my fiance to settle for being his side chick. I always felt like he messed with me because I had what she was missing, and I felt the same way about him. The only difference was I wasnt willing to settle, and I didnt understand why he was. My mind was racing.

I wanted him.

I told him to leave me alone but he kept coming around so that must mean something right?

I want him all to myself by any means necessary.

So understand why I did what I did next.

I logged into facebook, found her page and before I lost my courage:



To be continued…… 

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4 thoughts on “THE QUESTIONABLE LIFE AND TIMES OF RII PART 20: Im coming to you as a woman.

  1. This is really good. It’s my first time reading something like this (done up with the social media references, and all). I love it! I’ll be watching out for more because I surely need to know what ol’ girl gon say to that msg…lol!

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