I stood at the altar pouring my heart and eyes out to the woman I love. And this bitch turned around and ran away.

giphy (55).gif

I stood there for a minute like:

giphy (54).gif

Cause no way she just did this.

My mom:

giphy (56).gif

My dad:

giphy (57).gif

My Brother:

giphy (58).gif

I asked my parents to thank everybody for coming and went to try to find Rhea. I was blowing up her phone with calls and texts but she didn’t answer. I didnt know what I did wrong. I know I fucked up money and sometimes she said she wasnt happy but I thought I made up for it with this wedding.

Everything else, I just needed more time. Damn. I let her get a couple of days to clear her head. I needed to clear mine as well but I knew I wasn’t ready to let this go. I would be whatever type of man she needed me to be. Even one who would let his wife step out and do her on thing from time to time. It low key fucked me up that she was out here fucking another nigga but I was willing to look past that for her.

I was tired of her ignoring my calls and texts so I decided to drop by the house.

“Rhea!” I yelled coming in the house. She was in the bedroom.

“What the fuck?” I yelled. “Whats up why did you just leave like that?” I asked her.

“James that wasnt what I wanted. I think that we rushed things, that we moved way too fast.” she responded.

“So why didn’t you just say that? Why would you have my whole family come out both of our families come out and embarrass me like that?” I asked.

“I didnt bring anyone out! Everything has been you! From wanting to get married to setting the date, making me pick out a dress, the bachelorette party, the church, all YOU! Not me. We could barely pay bills and you wouldnt even take me out but you want to get married? Do you even know what being married would mean? You would actually have to be a MAN, be at the head of the household. Make good decisions! Not ones that put us at risk for being homeless. I want a partner! someone who I can make decisions with, not who makes them for us and calls me to pick up the pieces when you fuck shit up! I need to trust that if I cant get something done you will, and I dont,” she screamed.

giphy (59).gif

I could tell she had been holding that in for a while. I knew at times I disappointed her but I didnt know it was this bad. “Is this why you cheated on me?” I asked.

“Yes.” she responded.

“So why did you agree to marry me?” I asked her.

“Because you asked, and I didnt want to hurt you. But when I realized that you didnt care about my feelings, when  I walked down the aisle to the church I didnt want to be in, surrounded by people I never invited, and seen you waiting for me at the end of the aisle, I knew I couldnt do it. You could arrange what I didnt want but not once have you done what I actually asked you to do which was STOP GAMBLING and to step it up in the romance department. Neither of which happened. So why would I marry you?” she responded.

“So how can we fix this?” I asked slightly confused.

“To be honest Jay, Im not sure if I want too,” she said. “Be a man, not only have I been fucking somebody behind your back I just left you at the altar and here you are begging to be with me, its not attractive at all,” she said nastily.

“Is this because of that nigga you been fucking? You wanna leave me for him?” I asked getting angry.

“No it has nothing to do with him but everything to do with you. I want to marry a man, a real man, who I can depend on, who has drive and ambition, someone who makes me not want to go fuck another man, someone who makes good financial decisions. Someone I can actually respect, and Im sorry it took me until our wedding day to figure out that you aren’t the person for me, but that just how the chips fell. I made adjustments for you but you never made any for me. I TRIED to become the wife you wanted me to be but at what cost? My sanity? My stability? You think I haven’t noticed you’re STILL gambling? We’re tight on money and you wanna pop up with surprise wedding shit. You have money to do everything else but take care of your responsibilities. Im just done James, Im done. If I married you, you would be upgrading to an iPhone 7 plus and Id be getting a Nokia 3310. And frankly, Im tired of talking about this” she said putting on her workout clothes.


Did she really just compare a nigga to a Nokia though?

giphy (12)

“Look, I think that this was a lot and we shouldn’t make a decision so hasty, I just can’t accept the fact that two days ago I was supposed to marry you and now you don’t even want to look at me!” I said. “I’ll get my stuff and go stay with my friend until we figure this out.”

“Do whatever you want to do James, I’m going for a run. Lock the door behind you and leave the key please,” she said putting her headphones in and leaving out the door.

I started grabbing some of my clothes. I really couldn’t believe things had got this bad. I know she was holding shit down when I wasn’t working and I maybe overdid it with the spending a few times but damn.

“James?” Rhea called as she walked back in the house. My heart started beating out of my chest I was hoping she was coming back to apologize and to work on fixing this like usual but instead she just asked.

“Hey can you take out the trash when you leave?”

“Sure, no problem,” I responded putting my clothes in a duffle bag. I put my clothes in the car and came back to grab the trash. Locked the door, and left my key under the mat, hopefully, I would get it back soon.

While I was walking to the dumpster the bag broke and all the trash spilled out along with a  pregnancy test.

pregnancy test.PNG

It was positive.

To be continued….. 

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