5 Steps To Keeping Your Lady Happy: Guest Post- Shawn Ransom

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Say what?? Could it be? Someone actually found a way to explain how to keep a woman happy? lol, yes…yes i did! This is for the men who just can’t seem to get anything right. Read closely, please.

Step 1: Shutup!
Just stop talking sometimes and listen. Your lady doesn’t always want you to argue or try to fix her problems, she actually just wants you to listen. Men tend to think that everything requires a response, while this is partially true, they listen with the sole purpose of responding but don’t actually listen to what is being said.

Step 2: Mean What You Say.
Do not just agree with her so that she will stop talking. Women aren’t dumb, they see right through those shallow responses. When you respond please please please think about it before you speak. Your responses are like seconds on a time bomb, each wrong/fake response takes seconds off of your lifeline leading to an inevitable explosion of wrath and destruction!! lol jk. but seriously, just be honest with your responses.

Step 3: Involve and Invest.
Involve your lady in things that you like or enjoy. Invest time with her. If you have a hobby, see if she likes it too. dont just leave her at home when you go out. Even if she says no and doesn’t want to go at least you invited her and that’s what really matters. Spending time with her is an investment to your future together. Sure she might embarrass you, but at least you’ll be together.

Step 4: Listen! Wait, didn’t you say this already?
Yup, I did! But clearly, it’s so important i had to say it twice. Listen when she speaks. Women hate to repeat themselves… for one, she shouldn’t have to repeat herself because you were supposed to be listening the first time. Listening means you care, if you don’t listen that essentially you are saying you don’t care, and if you don’t care then what’s the point?

Step 5: Energy.
Like electricity? No! Spiritual, mental and emotional energy or “vibe”. Show her than you can match her energy and vibe together. How do you do that? It’s simple, but a “bad word” in the minds of most fake men…it’s called CUDDLING. If you just lay there with her under your arm, on your chest or even if you are the one laying on her. Just the close non-sexual contact and conversation that women love. Its soothing and relaxing. Love is more than just physical. Because a physical love is called lust.

So the 5 steps to keeping your lady happy is to make her S.M.I.L.E.
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