25 Things Ive Learned By My 26th Birthday


And a recap of everything in between

I really cannot believe that in two days (April 2nd) I will be 26 years old! Seems so surreal! This year, like the others, was filled with some good, some bad, and some anxiety in between. Here are 25 things I learned that I will be carrying with me to 26.


  1. Mental health days are necessary: VERY necessary, things happen and because life never stops we dont take enough time that we need to really process things. That build up can really stress you out if you let it. I took about a week off while students were on spring break. It was so needed.
  2. Take deep breaths: I realized I dont breathe from my stomach. Taking in more air really helps with anxiety. giphy (27)
  3. Think about what you’re going to say before you say it: Something Ive been working on my entire life and it still rang true this year.
  4. Grief comes in waves, just accept whatever stage of grief you’re in at that time. This too shall pass: Some days Im fine over the death of my sister and brother, some days all I can do is cry and wonder why. I’ve learned to accept that I may not ever get over losing them and I’m okay with that now. Previously, I thought it was something with time you would get over but in reality, you NEVER stop feeling the loss. 
  5. Complaining solves nothing but makes everything worse: I have made many situations worse for myself by complaining about them. So much sometimes I turn myself off. I’m trying to work on not responding so negatively when things dont go my way. 
  6. Everybody is not going to like you despite how hard you try. And honestly….. giphy (11) 
  7. Keep the past and the people in it, in the past!: Lord, I should put this on my list twice. Tried to reconnect with an old friend and lets just say all hell broke loose. I will be leaving anybody I didn’t bring in 2017  in the back of me where they belong. Good ridden’s! 
  8. There is nothing wrong with needing and taking anxiety medication: Seriously, my anxiety was getting so bad. I thought I would feel…. I guess you could say weak? Because I couldn’t deal with my issues on my own.  When in reality I should have got on medication a long time ago. I think my doctor finally has me on the perfect dosage. Life has truly been so much better since Ive been on it.
  9. Other people’s lives are theirs to live: When I care about people I get so invested in them and want the very best. This leads to me becoming very frustrated and causing myself unnecessary stress over things that really have nothing to do with me. (Yes Im talking about my siblings and close friends, and yes yall better get yall asses in somebody school or trade program)

giphy (12).gif

10.  You don’t owe anyone an explanation: 

giphy (13).gif

11. Save as much and as often as you can. Have an emergency fund and then some. 

giphy (14).gif

12. Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can! Because young or old you never know when you’ll see that person and it’ll be for the last time.

giphy (15).gif

13.  Work Hard, Stay Humble. 

14.  Stay away from Toxic People

15. Dont ever stop reading or learning.

giphy (16).gif

16. Be yourself at all times. They either gone like it or not, either way it’s not your business. 

giphy (17).gif

17. Talk less, listen more: Something Im working on every day.

giphy (30)

18.  Life isn’t just about fun; it’s about forever. Live with heaven in mind.

giphy (18).gif

19. Spend time soaking in the goodness and love of the Lord: You wont feel the same, and you wont be the same. In a good way

20. Be selective of your friends. Choose people who will help you become a better. Anything else is dead weight.

giphy (19)

21.  You’re the only one responsible for taking care of your wants and needs: Your happiness is YOURS! Dont depend on other people. Always chase your own check.

giphy (20).gif

22. Discipline. Make your flesh obey your spirit. You can’t be happy the other way around.

giphy (21).gif

23.  You don’t need to raise your voice to be heard. Im still working on this.

giphy (22).gif

24. Stop making plans: Usually, they don’t work out, and then im stressed and anxious about it. Just go with the flow.

giphy (23).gif

25. Don’t compare yourself to those around you: Comparison kills, and besides if God wanted you to be like someone else he would have made you a clone and not your own individual person!

giphy (24).gif


giphy (25).gif

Bonus* Forgive Yourself: Because what are you going to do? Shed your shell and climb in a new one every time you fuck up? As long as you learned from it and became a better person who cares? 

So here’s to 26!


May I laugh more, love more, and live more.

Notable Events in year 25

  • Turned 25 and had an awesome birthday party

Birthday Fun.PNG

  • Went to AGP with my best friends and sorority


  • Went to Vegas with my boyfriend. Our first trip together
  • One year with my boyfriend
  • Started my blog


  • Started a hair company (Slayhaircollection.com) check it out!


  • Saved more money than I ever have ever

giphy (14)

  • Paid off a significant amount of debt
  • Graduated with my masters



  • Saw Beyonce in Concert – and whats better than Queen B?

giphy (26).gif

Im going to make 26 even more lit! Happy Birthday to me!!


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