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Health, Wealth, & Vibe

ASDR Music ” Strick” Photography: Lance Stegall CollaboNYC

Me: So how did you get started with music in general? I thought you were supposed to be in a classroom and you just popped up with a mixtape (laughs).

Strick: “Well I always wrote raps, not to rap them, but just as an outlet. Writing has always been an outlet for me”.

Me: So how did it go from a stress reliever to Health, Wealth, & Vibe?

Strick: “Everything was, and has been very organic throughout this process. I  graduated with a degree but could only find dead end jobs. Eventually, my sister convinced me to check out D.C and had me thinking about grad school. I took the first test to get in my program but never took the second one. I went back to Michigan just to end up in a plant working for $10.50. At that time it was about survival, not about chasing my dreams, and the shit was depressing”.

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ASDR Music “Tae & Strick” Photography: Lance Stegall CollaboNYC

“As far as the mixtape goes Tae had been sending me some beats and I wrote some lyrics to them. When I spit it for him he encouraged me to get in the studio and put it on the beat.  Even if we didn’t release it, we just wanted to see how it sounded. We went to a low key studio in Redford, paid $250 and dropped the whole tape in a 10-hour session. After we let people listen to it, it just took off from there.”

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“That nigga make the beats and I just be writing and shit”. -Strick

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Me: You said everything happened “organically” can you expand on that?

Strick: “How me and Tae linked up was organic with us both playing basketball. The tape being put together was organic, and how everything that popped off after was truly organic like ordained by God. We dropped the tape and then a couple days later Im fired. But it was crazy because if I hadn’t lost my job I would have been at work and missed a meeting with this guy named Jordan who put me on to some big time producers”.


ASDR Music ” Strick” Photography: Lance Stegall CollaboNYC

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Strick and Tae during a studio session.

Me: Wow. That’s crazy. Really goes to show everything truly does happen for a reason. How was it being fired and then 5 minutes later sitting in front of some of Detroit’s hottest producers?

Strick: “It was crazy, really crazy. When I came in there they thought they knew how my shit was gone sound before I even pressed play. Thinking I was one of these average sounding rapping niggas. I turned it on and they went crazy over it. Its been all love since then”.

Me: What have you been working on? What can your fans expect from you this summer?

Strick: “We just finished up shooting the videos to the singles we want to release off of the Health, Wealth, & Vibe mixtape so look out for those, and setting up performances. Definitely, expect to see ASDR Music on a stage near you sometime this summer. You don’t want to miss the wave”.

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ASDR Music “Tae & Strick” Photography: Lance Stegall CollaboNYC

ASDR Music surprised fans last night with a  bonus track released at 12 am entitled “Willow Run Tho” check it out below.

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