Words of Advice Series: Advice to my younger self.

I wanted to start an advice series because who else better to advise you than people who have went through the same situation themselves? I asked my Facebook friends if they could give some advice to their younger selves what would it be and these were the responses I got:
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Seriously. Im a firm believer in this. Picking my split ends makes me happy =)
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Dont ignore the signs, the feeling, the vibe, etc. If you start feeling like something isnt right… its probably because its not. Trust yourself, and your intuition. ALWAYS
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Because self-love really is the best love.
FB advice 5
Because so many of us think happiness is a gift we get bestowed upon us on occasion instead of realizing that its something you have to work towards every day.
FB advice 6
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Seriously, because paying bills, making your own doctors appointments, and making yourself eat vegetables to stay “healthy” is no fucking fun AT ALL.
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Don’t get so caught up on acquiring “things” put that energy and money into creating new experiences for yourself. And if you make some mistakes on the way, you’re young plenty of time to right your wrongs. Just live.
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This one is spot on, didn’t seem like it at the time, and of course she wasn’t right about everything but she sure knew more than I gave her credit for. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache just listening to your mother!
fb advice 9
One of my biggest mistakes. If only I had taken advantage of all the free money I was given as a child. Smh
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FB advice 10
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Because sometimes being an adult is lit.
fb advice 11
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Be sure to stop and smell the roses. Dont be in a rush to go nowhere!
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More “mother knows best” advice. Its so important to listen and take heed to the things older and wiser people tell us. It just may stop you from doing something you regret….
Fb advice 13
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If I could go back I would totally go to a community college first. If I had I probably wouldn’t be $85,000 knee-deep in student loan debt.
Soul ties are very real, dont let the world talk you into having casual sex because you put your entire spirit and wellbeing at risk.
FB advice 14
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My type A personality is cringing at the thought but the fact of the matter is sometimes things wont work out and most times its because God has something better in store for you.
FB advice 15
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