The Questionable Life and Times of Rii: Part 12 Im good?


“Girl I don’t know why you were tripping anyway, you knew from the beginning he had a whole ass girlfriend at home,” Rasheed said rolling his eyes and handing me a glass of wine.

“I know”, I said pouting “but still, work is OUR place, more than anything I was just disappointed I was going home alone,” I said taking a sip.

“Alone? You got a man, a fiance to be exact, it sounds like you like this nigga more than your own FUTURE HUSBAND”, he said confused.


“OMG Sheed you know what I mean, but maybe this is for the best I’m obviously getting my feelings too involved. Being with him and James is like having the perfect man. I love qualities from both, and now that I’ve had Dre, James by himself is just BLAH”. I said seriously. “Sure he cooks, and cleans, and rubs my feet but where’s the excitement? The thrill? Being with Dre gives me such a rush.” I said shuddering replaying our last encounter in my mind.


“But none of this matters anyway, we still aren’t talking since the party situation,” I said.

“GOOD! Cause I’m team James over here. I know your ass seen Temptation you gone get AIDS girl keep playing” he said. “it’s people out here lonely as hell LIKE ME”, he said pointing to himself. “That would LOVE to be with a good man like James.”

“Well you can have him,” I said rolling my eyes.

“But no seriously Rii, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I really thought James and I had a good relationship until I started messing with Dre. Now it feels like whenever I’m with James something is missing that I didn’t even know I wanted until I messed with Dre”. “But, I’m not talking to him anymore, right? So my choice has been made.  I’m team James, team engaged, team not a cheater, and team getting married!” I said with a fake smile.


A week or so had passed between the work party fiasco. I made it my business to ignore Deandre at work and it was almost like he made it his business to make sure I saw him. Homeboy walked pass my desk every 5 minutes it seemed like, and all of a sudden had sooooo much to say to my cube mates.

giphy (2).gif

I did miss him but I couldn’t look like a weak bitch after I told him we should stop talking. Besides walking past my desk an unnecessary amount of times he hadn’t contacted me so I figured it was a wrap between us.  A part of me was relieved since I was engaged to another man and all. But a part of me wanted to text him and tell him that I overreacted. Because we never had any issues prior to this but I didn’t know how he’d react to me renigging on my “lets not” text.


I had a big breakfast so I decided to take a walk on my lunch break and soak up some sun. I went into CVS to grab a bottle of water and seen Dre in the checkout line. We made eye contact briefly and I kept it moving to get my bottle of water. By the time I got up to the checkout counter he was gone.

“Whatever,” I said to myself stepping back outside continuing my walk. As I walked past the alley to get back to work somebody grabbed my arm. Instinctively, I started swinging.

giphy (8).gif

“Damn girl stop,” Dre said protecting himself. “You were about to beat my ass,” he said laughing.

“This is Detroit you can’t just pull somebody in the alley I thought I was about to get raped,” I said catching my breath.

“How much more time you have on your lunch?” he asked.

“About ten minutes that’s why I was heading back, what’s up?” I asked puzzled.

He grabbed my face and kissed me. At first, I pulled away, but he pulled me back in again and my body melted. I wanted him, right there, I didn’t care that it was 12:30 in the afternoon and we were in an alley. I didnt care that it was broad daylight. I didn’t care that someone could walk past and see us.

“Come on,” I said leading him further into the alley.

Thank God I wore a skirt today I thought to myself as Dre put me up against the wall and slid inside me. My whole body was shivering these were the moments I lived for.

The moments I didnt even know I lived for until I actually lived them. Being with Dre was like having a high I didnt want to come down from. He gave me such a rush! I was addicted like a crack addict.

But all good things eventually come to an end……

To be continued… 

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