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So Im on Youtube makeup academy minding my own business, intensely watching this YouTuber beat her face. Then this song starts playing and it gave me such a vibe I had to write her and ask her what the name of the song was!
It was called Aurora by Emmitt James. I downloaded Soundcloud just to listen to his music. Upon a thorough investigation on social media (stalking) I was able to get him to agree to an interview with me! Check out Aurora below:

Name: Emmitt James

Age: 24

Location: Cali

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Me: How did your career start off? 
Emmitt: 24 years ago I was born- just kidding. For me, everything starts with poetry. Back in high school, I had a crush on this big eyed Puerto Rican girl named Tamara and I would write poems about her.  But I was never good enough to be her boyfriend. I performed Broke not Broken Hip Hop my first mixtape at the Brave New Voices competition my junior year and that changed things for me. Back then music and writing was just a hobby it wasn’t until I got to college that I figured out this was what I wanted to do for a living.
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Me: Whats your music process like? Finding beats, writing songs, etc. 
Emmitt:  I’ll hear a beat and then start to create with it.I’ll start with a verse then hook, then sit on it. I write everything in my head because its more natural to me. When I try to physically write its weird. Because of spoken word my music is conceptual I wrote Hunger Pains when I first got here (Cali). Its like a metaphor to relationships and how when you eat certain things there are memories attached to it. I currently work at a coffee shop and Im a certified (Bae)rista (laugh). I wrote Almond Chi Latte which is coffee terminology inspired by my real life. I don’t talk about bitches and hoes mainly because I don’t have any (laugh). I talk about women and relationships because that’s my life.
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Me: Who are some of your music influences? 
Emmitt: Jay-Z, Kanye, my favorite artist is Marvin Gaye and I sample from Toro Y Moi frequently.
Me: Talk about the importance of networking and making connections. 
Emmitt: It’s very important. In Cali its all about who you know. But I like it when its genuine, I like to actually have a relationship with people as opposed to just thinking about what they can do for me. So that may hold me back but that’s just me.
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Me: What do you like the most or least about being an artist? 
Emmitt: The most? Freedom, to do and put out what I want. Also the ability to try new things. Sometimes when you go commercial your work can become stagnant because people can put you into a box. I also like speaking to my fan base directly, I love the intimacy of it.
The least? Lack of funds. Everything I do is out of pocket. If you don’t have much money you have to do smaller versions of your vision. Not having sponsors is also something I don’t like.
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Photo Credit: Katie Boeckman 

Me: What are some of the mistakes you’ve made pursuing your career? 
Emmitt: Pushing my music on people. There are some people that are happy to help promote like my friends and family but I want it to be organic now. Its not a problem talking to your family and friends about your music but when it happens organically (they listen and support on their own) you get more stay power.
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Me: What are some of your favorite tracks of your music? 

Me: If you only had one shot to get someone to listen to your music to gain a fan what song would you want them to listen to? 
Emmitt: I would have to say Aurora or If your Orange Juice is Yellow its Not Real.

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