Summer 2017 bucket list

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I know that we haven’t officially hit spring just yet but I am beyond ready for this summer! Fireworks, flip flops, barbecue, swimsuits, sunglasses, and lemonade are what I think of when I think of the summer. I want to have an adventure this summer and decided to make a bucket list to hold myself accountable. I will try to accomplish everything on this list so be sure to check back in!

  1. Travel out of the country
  2. Jet Ski Detroit 
  3. Skydiving
  4. Take a road trip
  5. Meet at least 10 new people and hang out
  6. Get a plant and it has to survive the entire summer (yikes)
  7. Visit at least 3 new states
  8. Host a game night
  9. Read at least 3 books
  10. Try a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert from Pinterest
  11. Go to the beach
  12. Try 3 new restaurants
  13.  Host a potluck
  14. Volunteer at least 3 times
  15. Take a class of some sort
  16. Go to Niagra Falls
  17. Random act of kindness
  18. Donate clothes I don’t wear
  19. Run in a marathon
  20. Participate in Slow roll Detroit 
  21. Go to a museum

So this is my list! Ill add to it if I see anything else worth exploring. Of course Ill be blogging about each event as they happen.

What are some experiences you want to have this summer? 

 Id love to hear from you!

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