25 Things Ive Learned By My 26th Birthday

And a recap of everything in between I really cannot believe that in two days (April 2nd) I will be 26 years old! Seems so surreal! This year, like the others, was filled with some good, some bad, and some anxiety in between. Here are 25 things I learned that I will be carrying with […]

Artist to Watch: ASDR Music-"Strick"

Bringing Real Hip-Hop Back One Track at a Time. Health, Wealth, & Vibe ASDR Music ” Strick” Photography: Lance Stegall CollaboNYC Me: So how did you get started with music in general? I thought you were supposed to be in a classroom and you just popped up with a mixtape (laughs). Strick: “Well I always […]

Words of Advice Series: Advice to my younger self.

I wanted to start an advice series because who else better to advise you than people who have went through the same situation themselves? I asked my Facebook friends if they could give some advice to their younger selves what would it be and these were the responses I got:   Message!   Seriously. Im a firm […]