Ancestry DNA Results are In!!

How can you know who you are without knowing where you come from? -Cherise

Many African Americans history of themselves start at the beginning of slavery (mainly because that’s what we’re taught from  American school systems). All of our customs and traditions were stripped away from us and eventually completely lost with each passing generation. This has left a lot of us with the only association to Africa being the African in front of American. 

I have been patiently waiting since December to get these results back. 

My results are as follows: 


First reaction? Excitement! I was so happy when I got the email saying “your results are in”. 

Second reaction? Wow! I am VERY shocked to see there is no Native American in my blood line at all. I want to take every opportunity I can to educate myself on the Congo and Benin. 

According to a study released in 2014 which looked at the genetic make-up of Americans, the average ethnicity estimate for African Americans is 73.2% African, 24.0% European, and 0.8% Native American. Mines is slightly off from the average African American. Who seems to have more European in them than I do. 

I  have soooo many questions. 

  1. Is it common to be from so many areas or is this a result of the mixing that happened during slavery? 
  2. Should I research all of those areas or just focus on the biggest two? 
  3. Should I pay attention to the parts of me 10% and under? (European, Pacific Islander, and West Asia?) Do these parts of me really make a difference? 

I finally feel like I can fully become who Im meant to be now that I know where I come from. A lot of people take for granted they can trace their history back to as early as their families coming to America or even before! For a lot of us, our history is lost with our ancestors who carried it with them. I really hope to take this genealogy journey to the next level and start piecing my family history back together. 

For a lot of us, our history is lost with our ancestors who carried it with them. I really hope to take this genealogy journey to the next level and start piecing my family history back together.

This is the first step of many….. 



And I’m proud!!


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3 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results are In!!

      1. My dad had his done and it was interesting. I have never considered myself “mixed” since both of my parents are african american but my dad had a high amount of countries in Europe where his ancestors are from so I’ve been wondering what mine will say. It’s crazy that because of slavery all we have is “african american” but nothing else. Sorry, this post has me thinking so hard!


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