Dear Alcohol/Alcoholism


To say that I fucking hate you would be an understatement.

You would think…….

We would’ve tossed you aside based on all the lives you’ve taken.

It’s like….

I’m sitting here.

I’m really contemplating…

How fucked up

I had to grow up

Cause you had her mind completely gone.

Sober mind…?

it makes her sad.

So every day, she fills her glass.

With every sip, her color fades

but fuck it.!

her memory dazed

and the pain feels a little bit bearable now……

But living in the house with her is unbearable now.

She take’s a sip…

so she don’t have to feel that pain

relive that shame,

Deal with the fact that in certain situations SHE was the one to blame.

she just keeps sipping

sipping till she numbs her brain,

and its a shame…..

Cause while she was drinking to escape the galaxy.

We were here waiting for her to come back down to reality. To lose her buzz, get off that trip…

to remember she was a mom…..

with kids,


and shit!


She’s unpredictable,

completely unreliable,

and when she get that liquor in her system she turns into a liar too….

Straight foul mouth.

She named you, but fuck that,

your name bitch now.

And now you like them Arthur memes


She taunting you like black moms do. She like:

“Put that balled up fist down”

“what you gone do? You gone hit me? I brought you in the world Ill take you out of it”.

And your like:

“You should call me what you named me on my birth certificate………

and bitch aint on it”.

And now you disrespectful so she gotta check you.

Damn Alchohol, I swear to GOD I hate you!

I blame you for every setback.

For every holiday and birthday, you ruined that we’ll never get back.

Because of you, our house was never a home.

Growing up with a mother…… yet still feeling all alone.

For exposing me to shit I shouldn’t have seen till I was grown.

Have you ever seen a human still alive that somehow lost their soul?

Damn you so cold….

To be continued………

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Cherise is an entitled millennial whose parents told her from birth she would be great. This drive to be great has caused her to excel academically receiving two degrees at the age of 25 and $85,000 of debt. She still has no (insert cuss word) clue on what to do with her expensive degrees or her life in general. You can typically catch her dodging calls from Sallie Mae, sleeping, or updating this blog. To read more about Cherise and her experiences navigating the scary world of adulting click one of the links on this blog.

One thought on “Dear Alcohol/Alcoholism

  1. This hits close to home….my mom was an addict too…..drugs….girl I’ve seen it all too…..she’d wake us up in the middle of the night to go get drugs….guess she thought it was safer than leaving us alone at hime sleeping ….

    Liked by 1 person

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