Let go of Toxic People

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Toxic Person– A person who complains and dumps their problems on you but doesn’t do anything to change their situation.

I am not a fan of people stressing me out. I will not answer, not respond, and block somebody in a New York minute as soon as they start to irritate me. But what do you do if its people who aren’t so easily tossed aside that are toxic in your life (parents, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc)?

Fuck em.

Yep, I said fuck em.

Why? Because life is too short for the people closest to you to be bringing you down or stressing you out.


Signs you’re probably in a toxic relationship:

  • They don’t appreciate the stuff you do for them. Nobody likes people that are ungrateful. If you are constantly doing for someone and they aren’t showing their utmost appreciation. Stop. Bet they appreciate it then.
  • They lie to you.-Pretty self-explanatory nobody likes a liar. If I can’t trust you, you don’t need to be around me.
  •  Everything’s a competition. I’m a firm believer that you can’t have a good relationship with someone who’s in competition with you. They will NEVER be happy for you if you’re doing better than them. Nobody needs people like that in their life.
  • Stuck in the past/Won’t let the past go. Like that was sooooooo 2 years ago let it go.
  •  You feel isolated. If you’re with someone that wants to keep you away from your family and friends. RUN. They have serious control issues and are not for you.
  • You’re always picking up the slack. If everything’s always on you to figure it out when something goes wrong or falls apart why are you even with this person? If you aren’t helping me you’re dead weight.
  • Blame Game: Everythings always your fault. They are never accountable for anything that you both go through.
  • Overly Criticize: They are constantly on your head about what you need to do or improve like they’re perfect.
  • You aren’t yourself: If when you get around this person you aren’t yourself or can’t be yourself they are probably not for you.
  • Negative energy: Lets face it some people just give off bad vibes, you don’t need to be around these people. Negative energy transfers you’re bound to be more negative just being around them.

If any of these characteristics match people in your life put some distance in between you and them. If they have more than one of these qualities do yourself a favor and RUN.


and I mean as fast as you can.

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your life will be much better for it.


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