The Questionable Life and Times of Rii: Part 11 Feelings


“Yoo, I didn’t even tell you that he went through my phone and saw our messages,” I said to Deandre putting my clothes back on after another after hour love making session.

“Damn he on your head like that,” he said playfully slapping me on the ass as I was pulling my pants up. “I wish my girl would go through my phone.”

“You wish she would, what you gone do beat her ass,?” I asked.

“Naw of course not we just don’t do those things over here,” he said confidently pulling his shirt over his head. “She did see me texting you before and asked about you but I just told her you were somebody from work and she let it go,” he said.

“Damn Ike, what else can’t your girl do?” I asked playfully.

“Wear weave, go through my phone, talk to other guys, raise her voice at me, and anything else I don’t like,” he said seriously.

Literally thought of this moment:

200 (8).gif

“ohhhh okay….. wait don’t like girls that wear weave?” I asked sitting there looking like:

200 (9).gif

“Naw I don’t actually,” he replied.

“Well, why are you messing with me?” I asked offended.

“I said I don’t like for my girl to wear weave, you aren’t my girl,” he responded very nonchalantly.

“Oh so basically you’re grooming her to be your wife?” I asked.

“Naw Im not marrying her,” he replied.

“So why are you with her if you aren’t going to marry her?” I asked. “Seems like you’re just wasting both of your time. Do you have plans on getting married?”

“Yeah, one day just not with her.” he responded.

“Its weird because from how you describe her she sounds like the exact opposite of me.”

“Right, and if I wanted to talk about her I would talk to her. ” he said pulling me back down to the bed for round two.

“Giiiiirl, he sounds controlling as fuck,” Tanisha said through sips of wine.

“I know right,” I said taking a swig out of my cup. “Bitch probably can’t even breath unless he tells her it’s ok. What’s funny is I think we’re attracted to each other for that exact reason. Both of our mates are easily controlled and gullible as fuck. Its like messing with the both of them gives me my perfect man. I get the sweet rub my feet, cook and clean, love me so much he’ll drink my bath water type of man at home. And my side nigga is an educated, corporate level, going somewhere in life, sexy as fuck, take control kinda black man.”

“You just want to have your cake and eat it too,” Tanisha said. “Girl you better be careful before you wind up with no niggas.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. You coming to this company mixer with me tomorrow?” I asked.

“Girl why you ain’t taking James you know I need to sleep before my shift.” she replied.

“I’m not about to bring my main nigga to a function I know my side nigga gone be at, what I look like stupid? I asked. “This is not how to be a player. But please come I don’t wanna go by myself, free food, free liquor, free fun,” I said pouting.

“Alright,” she said rolling her eyes “but you driving”.

The next day

“Damn baby you look good,” James said twirling me around.

“Thanks, baby,” I said striking a pose.

“Wish I could come with you,” he said.

“I know, me too babe but it’s for employees only,” I said lying. In reality, I knew after Deandre saw me in this dress I wouldn’t be coming straight home. I couldn’t make up an excuse to stay if he was with me. “The holiday parties are extended to family and friends so don’t worry we’ll step out soon,” I said reassuring him.

“Can’t wait, you spend a lot of time at work Ill be happy to put faces to names,” he said. “I hope you have a good time baby be safe,” he said kissing me on the cheek as he walked me to the car.

I picked up Tanisha and we headed straight to the party.

“Damnnnnn girl you looking good,” Robert said as Tanisha and I walked up to his table.

“We were saving you a seat girl,” Hailey said, “and yes that dress is popping”.

They had me feeling like:

200 (11).gif

Deandre walked up to the table, and he had a girl on his arm. My heart nearly dropped.

“Hey Deandre,” Robert and Hailey said.

“Hey,” he responded. “Hey Rhea.”

“Hi Dre,” I said dryly.

This must be his girlfriend I thought to myself. Why did he bring this bitch?

“Are there any seats at this table?” his girlfriend asked

Im thinking:


And I’m like: “No.”


Even though there were some. Cause bitch why are you talking?

Why are you here?

Sooooo many unanswered questions!!

Then I had to check myself because I was getting out of pocket. Was this jealousy I was experiencing?

If Im jealous that means I care.

If I care that means I have feelings

If I have feelings then m=mc2

If feelings equal m=mc2 then feelings are like math.

But Im not good at math so what does that mean?

200 (12).gif

(Dont mind me yall my anxiety was off the charts). The vibe at the table was mad awkward and everyone sensed it.

200 (14).gif

“Well we’ll check yall later” Dre said breaking the silence getting up from the table.

“Nice meeting you all,” his girl said getting up following him.

Im like: “Yeahhhhhh, sure, bye”

200 (15).gif

and when they walked away.

200 (16).gif

Later that Night.

I dropped Tanisha off at the club for her shift. Before I could even pull off I got a text on my phone.



“I mean yeah, I do know he has a girl I have a man! But I thought work was OUR place. He had me fucked up!” I was thinking to myself.



I was getting in my feelings I could feel it. It was time to let this go.


To be continued…….

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