Questionable Life of Rii: Part 10 Secrets turn to Lies

Part 10 Secrets turn to Lies


I hated lying and being deceitful, and I always thought myself to be an honest person. But I guess until now I was never in any real situations where it was worth lying. So with that being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that cheating was giving me such a rush.

I was terrified at first, thinking that James would notice the small hickey Dre left on my neck last week when we snuck away to fuck on our lunch break. Or if he would notice that the money that’s coming in our account isn’t adding up to the overtime I tell him I’m working when I’m really with Dre. The possibility of getting caught made every moment with him that much more exciting.

I was working so much “overtime” that James and I weren’t spending that much time together. The weekends were always our time to reconnect. I woke up and rolled over expecting him to be laying beside me but his side of the bed was empty. I didnt think to much about and got up to get in the shower. When I got out he was waiting right outside the door with my cell phone in his hand.

“Whose Deandre,” he asked.

Im Like ————————-> 200 (4).gif

“Deandre, Deandre….,” I said as if I was thinking, playing it cool.


“Deandre from where?” I asked playing stupid.

He tossed my phone at me. ‘Deandre the nigga you been texting” he responded. “Are you cheating on me with this nigga?” he asked looking serious.

Me————————————-> 200w (3).gif

“What? We’re about to get married why would you even ask me something like that” I said calmly but inside I was panicking trying to remember if I forgot to erase some of our more “inappropriate” messages. “That’s just somebody I work with. I didn’t know me having friends was an issue and honestly, I’m confused as to why you’re going through my phone,” I said defensively trying to switch it back on him. I picked up my phone and started scrolling through our old messages. Nothing stood out as inappropriate so I really started feeling myself and turning up then.


“Are you cheating on me? Because it seems really weird all of a sudden you feel the need to go through my phone.” I said with an attitude.

“No baby of course not”, he responded sincerely. “Im sorry you just been working like crazy and then when you get home you’re in your phone texting all the time and I just started letting my mind wander. I dont know why I would ever think something like that” he said.

“Babe you know how I am, I dont want to but if my job is offering over time I feel obligated to take it. Im doing this for us” I said trying to reassure him. “But I will try to scale back some so we can spend more time together. I wish you’d just talk to me instead of letting your insecurities cause you to start going through my stuff. Where’s the trust?” I asked. I was such a good actress I deserved an oscar.


“I know baby I’m sorry for even coming at you like that. I don’t know what I was thinking” he replied. “Forget I even brought this up.”

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to just lie on the spot and make him believe me. A part of me felt bad but the rest of me was waiting on Monday so I could see Dre again.

Looking back this was the first warning sign to stop. But I didn’t, and I for sure paid the price…..


To be continued…….

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Discussion Question: 

Have you ever lied to your mate? If so did you eventually tell them the truth or are some things best left in the dark? 


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