Ancestry DNA Results are In!!

How can you know who you are without knowing where you come from? -Cherise Many African Americans history of themselves start at the beginning of slavery (mainly because that’s what we’re taught from  American school systems). All of our customs and traditions were stripped away from us and eventually completely lost with each passing generation. This […]

Dear Alcohol/Alcoholism

To say that I fucking hate you would be an understatement. You would think……. We would’ve tossed you aside based on all the lives you’ve taken. It’s like…. I’m sitting here. I’m really contemplating… How fucked up I had to grow up Cause you had her mind completely gone. Sober mind…? it makes her sad. So every day, […]

Are you Close to your Breakthrough?

I’m a firm believer that when negative things start to happen (when things were seemingly going well) it’s because the universe is up to something. I read this article called  3 Reasons God Allows Bad Things to Happen in Your Life and it made a lot of sense.  Reason #1 – To Change Your Character: ” Talk […]