Ranting with Rii: Social Media


Facebook needs to make some serious upgrades to its platform. Sure we can now like, love, wow, laugh, be sad or be angry at someone’s post but my emotions while scrolling through my timeline are more like:




Idek wtf you’re talking about but its funny. In the its so stupid it’s funny kinda way



Really? Did you really just post that? 

200 (10).gif

and definitely

Did you really just say that? It was so stupid I dont even have anything to say in response. Let me just log out.

200 (11).gif

Because lets face it, people are stupid and have no problem proudly displaying it online.

Stupid social media.PNG


Some suggestions I have include:

  • Did this information come from a reputable source? button (sorry its the college student in me) nothing is more annoying than getting worked up over a headline, you click on it and its satire news or just click bate. Its soooo annoying and its always my didn’t go to college friends that post it. STOP! Dont spread faux news.

200 (16).gif

  • Stop giving out advice that you don’t follow yourself button– Seriously its soooo annoying seeing cheaters or people in bad relationships giving out relationship advice. Keep it for yourself boo.
  •  Bitch you’re a thot button- Because I swear its this one hoe on my timeline always talking about hoes when shes the hoe.

200 (17).gif

  •  Why do you even have a facebook button- Because some of you like, share, and post the dumbest shit. Dedicated to the annoying family members you want to block. 
  • Get off Facebook and go take care of them kids button- Some of yall have two and three kids that Im sure can use the attention you’re giving to facebook day in and day out.
  • Jesus doesn’t have facebook so why you praying on a status button – My BIGGEST pet peeve. Jesus does not have a facebook! Send your prayer requests to him directly. Thanks. 
  • You deserve better sis, he cheating and we all laughing at you button – Sorry to be the one to break it to you but everybody knows he’s cheating probably except you, and yes we are laughing at you and the perfect relationship you THINK you’re in. Sucks but hey, that’s life.

download (11).jpg




Your relationship—–>





You posted “Loyalty is everything me and my man against the world”.




Me and my friends: Girl bye hahahahahahaha200 (1).gif

  • I know you in real life and this is not accurate button – Swear Id lose the last two friends and family members that actually like me if this button existed. Idk why people lie online like they arent friends with people who know them in real life.

200 (12).gif

This gif describes exactly how I feel but I just keep on scrolling… Like let me mind my business.

  • You obviously just want some attention button- Swear this would go to 50% of the females on my timeline.

200 (13).gif

  • Damn you got a new man/girl again? button 


  • Stop complaining button 
  • please STFU button 

200 (14).gif

  • This is Facebook, not Eharmony or Black ppl meet button 
  • Please go get into mental counseling asap button 
  • You’re doing to much button 

200 (15).gif

Seriously Facebook we need these ASAP!


Discussion Questions: 

What are some things that people do online that annoy you?

Id love to hear from you!

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