Dear Poor & Middle-Class White People….


Source: US Uncut


You fucked up

and have let down your fellow countrymen by going in droves to vote for Donald Trump.


To be honest, you seem to make the wrong choices since the beginning of time. Allow me to elaborate by a quick history lesson…

When we think of slavery we think of these grand plantations lined with cotton and filled to the brim with slaves. All whites were prospering and it was a great time to be alive and be white. In reality, 3 out of 4 southern whites didn’t even own slaves (source: PBS).

In fact, most blacks didn’t initially come to America as slaves more like indentured servants (where essentially they would work for some time and then be set free or were working to pay off a debt and then could leave). So at this point and time, poor whites and poor blacks had a common enemy and that was rich whites because they both were laborers. Michelle Alexander in the The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarnation in the Age of Colorblindness (2010) calls this “the big planter apparatus”. So big planter apparatus = rich white plantation and land system.


As the settlers conquered more territory (aka slaughtered Native Americans and stole their land) their assets grew and so did the demand for labor. Now at this point, poor whites and blacks are like wtf? It’s all this land and land grants here for the taking yet these same rich white people are the only people getting land and land grants. They thought “well this isnt right” so enter Bacons rebellion.


Long story short Nathaniel Bacon decides he’s going to rally up some poor whites, and blacks, and some help from others to steal some Indian land for themselves. Basically spreading the wealth. So he goes and asks some of those planter elites for their assistance stealing land from the Indians and they’re like naw we’re good. So Nate gets upset because they’re obviously hating and not trying to share the wealth so he switches the plan up. He gets white laborers and black laborers and black slaves to come together and fuck shit up. This rebellion inspires other rebellions just like it in other places.

200 (5).gif

And the planter elite are like:




Something has to be done!

So they did two critical things that have forever changed this country.

  1. The planters shifted their strategy for maintaining dominance.  They abandoned their heavy reliance on indentured servants in favor of the importation of more black slaves.  Instead of importing English-speaking slaves from the West Indies, who were more likely to be familiar with European language and culture, many more slaves were shipped directly from Africa.  These slaves would be far easier to control and far less likely to form alliances with poor whites. (Source The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarnation in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (New York/London: The New Press, 2010) pages 22–26.)
  2. Deliberately and strategically, the planter class extended special privileges to poor whites in an effort to drive a wedge between them and black slaves.  White servants were allowed to police slaves through slave patrols and militias, and barriers were created so that free labor would not be placed in competition with slave labor. (Source The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarnation in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (New York/London: The New Press, 2010) pages 22–26.)

These measures helped eliminate the risk of future alliances between black slaves and poor whites. “Poor whites suddenly had a direct, personal stake in the existence of a race-based system of slavery.  Their own plight had not improved by much, but at least they were not slaves” (Alexander, 2010).

“Their own plight had not improved by much, but at least they were not slaves”

And that’s all poor white people have ever had since they sold their souls. The privilege of being able to say “at least I’m not black.”

Completely ignoring that the wealthy kept them both, blacks and whites, in destitute situations.  Back then all whites couldn’t even vote unless they owned property or land. Everything was based on who owned what (class system). Rich white people gave poor white people an ounce of dignity more than they gave black slaves and poor whites were and have continued to be okay with it.


“The next thing the politicians did sealed the deal: they paid poor whites a bounty for runaway slaves, and often made them overseers for slaves, turning every poor white in America into a prison guard against the people who had once been their neighbors and allies.(Source: Medium Corporation )”


Thus sending America in a downward spiral of racism and segregation when the REAL issue has always been about class and money.


Poor whites and poor blacks historically and presently have much more in common than either class with uppers.

Even back in the civil war. The rich whites wanted to keep slaves so bad but most of them avoided going to war and sent the poor whites to fight for a system they did not even benefit from.

Civil war.PNG

So after all the poor people got used up and killed then they brought in the rich. But we know from living they lost. And good riddance!

End of history lesson. 

Juan 4.PNG

So after reading all this, my question is:

  1. white people why do you keep allowing “the man” to play you?
  2. Why have you convinced yourself that just because you are white you are better?
  3. Why have you not seen that your rich white counterparts have used you since the beginning of time to play bodyguard and fight their battles for them while they soak up all the benefits?
  4. Why have you convinced yourself you’re better than black people (or other minorities) when a great majority of you live in the same destitute conditions?

Seriously I really wanna know because from the outside looking in it seems like:

200 (6).gif

Some of yall seem to have buyers remorse. Though its a little bit too late for all of that.

Regret 1.PNG

Oops, your bad Glenda. 

regret 2.PNG

You should’ve did the right thing John, and not voted for him. 

Regrets 3.PNG

Because Americans don’t need insurance or doctors duh. (sarcasm)

Regret 4.PNG

Christine, Christine, Christine, (smh at you girl) you couldn’t have possibly believed that with everything he said. Stop lying to yourself. 

But really Im just over here like,

200 (7).gif

200 (8).gif


download (7).jpg

Because black people are resilient as fuck and we gone be alright (Kendrick’s voice).

download (6).jpg

We’ve been getting mistreated since well forever. And now you’ve brought in this silver spoon corporate CEO to run our country…. you are going to pay. Starting now because he already has:

  • Greenlit the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines.
  • Reinstated the anti-abortion global ‘gag rule,’ which will increase the number of unsafe abortions around the world.
  • Scrapped a money-saving fee cut for new homeowners.
  • Froze federal hires.
  • Began plans to build the wall 
  • Started dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

Juan 5.PNG

Juan 6.PNG


I hope every day he’s in office he makes you regret every time you put your race over the needs of the entire country.

Because that’s exactly what you did put you went in that booth and selected his name. You say that you were trying to get away from the status quo but you were really trying to look out for yourself much like you always have.



Now deal with what you’ve done.

-American Minorites. 

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