The Questionable Life and Times of Rii- Part 9: Secrets


Part 9: Secrets 

See baby you’re my little secret,
If you don’t tell, I won’t tell,
And that’s how we gotta keep it.


He opened the door, pulled me back inside, and kissed me passionately. He picked me up, carried me up the stairs, and laid me down on the bed. He slid off my pants not taking his eyes off of me once.

200 (3).gif

He worked his way back up my body with slow sensual kisses. Every kiss, every touch, made my body shudder. He took his time giving each part of my body equal attention with his kisses.


“I wanna make you cum” he whispered to me nibbling on my ear. He started kissing back down my body stopping at my nipples to give them some attention. He started licking and kissing my pussy, tugging at my clit gently between his lips.

“You taste even better than I thought you would,” he said looking up at me with my juices dripping all down his chin.
“Hmm let me taste,” I said sitting up to tongue him down. “You’re right,” I said licking my lips. “Now let me taste you,” I said taking his big ass dick in my mouth. I kissed it and licked it, then made it disappear down my throat.


“Damn girl,” he said after a couple of minutes making me stop. “Lay down”.

I laid down, and he climbed back up my body and kissed me. He was rubbing his dick up and down the outside of my pussy. Teasing me. I couldn’t take it anymore “give it to me” I moaned.

He slid in and I almost bit a damn hole in my lip trying to hold back my screams.

He. Felt. So. GOOD! OMG!!

200 (12).gif
I loved the rhythm our bodies got into. I felt every stroke, every sensation, he was so deep inside me I thought we both would drown. I clenched my muscles tighter and thrust my hips back into him and he exploded.


“Damn” we said simultaneously out of breath.
We were so deep in our love making neither of us noticed we hadn’t bothered to use a condom….

I was floating the entire way home. It didn’t hit me until I made it back to my apartment complex that I had just cheated on my fiance. Then I started to panic.

Was he going to know?

Did I smell like sex?

Did I smell like Deandre?

Did I look like I was just out cheating?


I took a deep breath “just play it cool Rhea, play it cool,” I said and got out of the car.

I wasn’t expecting him to be up but sure enough, he was. I opened the front door and the living room was covered in candles and rose petals.


Talk about feeling like the world’s biggest thot!

200 (11).gif

Here we are having financial problems and instead of trusting him to be a man of his word and fix it I went and cheated.

He ran up to me and hugged me as soon as I opened the door.

“Baby I’m so sorry”, he said trying to kiss me.

I pulled away.


“I know you’re still mad but please please let me make it up to you,” he said pleading. He must’ve assumed I pulled away because of the money situation. In reality, I just wasn’t going to kiss him with Deandre’s dick on my breath.

I was a cheater but not disrespectful. That counts for something right?

200 (2).gif

“I know babe, let me go hop in the shower real quick,” I said trying to get away from him.

I went and took a scalding hot shower and tried to scrub Deandre off of my body. When I got out James and I laid in bed. He started kissing on my back and rubbing my thighs. I knew what he wanted but I felt too guilty so I told him I was tired. He told me it was okay, pulled me closer to him and closed his eyes.

200 (4).gif

I laid there for a while unable to sleep. I knew this was not right, he wasn’t perfect by any means but I had a good man.

“Whatever this is I’m doing with Deandre I’m going to have to stop,” I thought to myself before falling asleep.

And I did try to stop I swear I did……

To be continued….

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