The Questionable Life and Times of Rii: Part 8: Lust


Part 8: Lust

His house was about 25 minutes away from me. When I pulled up I contemplated going inside for a good 5 minutes.




“No, don’t do it, please don’t do it”, the good angel popped up singing in Drake’s voice.


devil            “Cause one of us goes in, and we all go through it Ayeeee, this my song” the bad angel said popping up milly rocking.


Me —->                                            nick-young-confused-face.jpg

devil “Naw but seriously, since she wanna try to bring up Drake Lyrics the first part of the song says -Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearin’ the consequence”, you better get hip,” the devil on my shoulder said.

“Welllllll, he does have a point” I said to the angel. images.jpg

She rolled her eyes and disappeared. I took that as my signal that it was time to get out of the car.

“I really need to stop talking to myself” I said out loud as I walked up to the door. He opened it as soon as I started knocking.

“Well hello” I said a little surprised.

“Whats up” he said standing aside so I could come in.

“So let me get the grand tour Mr. Homeowner”, I said. He took my hand and started showing me around. Living toom, dining room, basement, and then upstairs. I could feel my heart racing with each step we took up the stairs. He still hadnt let my hand go and I didnt want him to. Its like whenever I was with him I got this magnet type of feeling. Being around him made me feel so good and he didnt even have to touch my body. It was the reason I coulnt stay away.

“The bathroom, and here’s my room” he said opening the door pulling me out of my thoughts. I walked in and plopped on the bed.

“Niceeeee, your beds real comfy” I said adjusting myself.

“Yeah it is, come back downstairs we can watch a movie” he said motioning for me to follow him.

“Great,” I said, happy that he was keeping it “friendly”. We picked a movie and I laid down on the couch and propped my feet up on him


“This was such a good movie” I said laughing as the credits started to roll. “You have good taste”.

“Yeah, I do”, he said back chuckling, “Ill let you pick the next one though”.

I looked down at my phone. I had 10 missed calls from James, I really wasn’t in the mood to talk.


Deandre tossed the remote and it hit my knee hard “ouch!” I screeched, looking up from my phone and rubbing my knee.

“Damn my bad, you ok” he said laughing “let me make it better” he said massaging my knee.

“Is this helping?” he asked.

“A little” I pouted being dramatic.


He rolled up my pants leg and kissed my knee.



“How about now”, he said staring me right in the eyes.

He was so damn sexy I couldn’t resist. Before I knew it his lips were on mine, he kissed me slowly, and sensually, then pulled away.  I knew I had to get out of there before I did something I regretted.

“Whoa”, I said breaking the silence. “Would you look at the time, I should probably get home”. I said getting up and grabbing my things.

“You sure” he said pulling me back to him kissing me again.


I broke away from the kiss, I had to, this was straight up thot behavior and my mama didnt raise a thot!

giphy (5).gif

Life was like—>






“Yep, gotta go” I said, practically running out of the door.

giphy (4).gif


I got in my car and pulled off. My body was still quivering from his touch.

“What are you doing?” I said out loud to myself.

“This is not right, you’re engaged, he has a girlfriend, what good can come of this?” I asked myself expecting some sort of answer. “There’s really no point at all in going down this route with him, just GO HOME”.

I didnt know what this was, or where this was headed. I just knew I didnt want to ruin our newly found friendship or my own relationship. But at the same time its the most frustrating thing ever to have an itch that needs to be scratched and to ignore that need. I said to myself, thinking I was starting to sound a lot like the little devil on my shoulder. I was approaching the freeway I needed to make a decision, and fast.

I stopped and turned around.

Pulled back up to his house, and before I lost my courage……





knocked on the door.



To be continued….  


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  1. Ok I had to post again just to tell you I checked your blog twice for the new part lol (no need to rush or anything) I just wanted to let you know you’re writing is that good. Keep up that black girl magic girl 👸🏽

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