The Questionable Life and Times of Rii


Part 5: Playing with fire 

“Im so happy the doctor cleared you to go back to work”, I said to James as we walked outside of the doctors office.

“Yeah now we’re able to start back wedding planning” he said as we walked to the car.

“Yeah and save more” I said. “We’ll finally be back on track, me working so much has been really stressful” I replied.

James smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. “Me too love, now its time for us to starting living the life we always talked about. Have you decided on a date yet?”.

“Umm, I was thinking next year or so.” I replied.

“I was actually thinking in about 3 to 4 months” James said.

“Why so soon?” I asked, nervously.

“Why not?” he replied. “I love you, you love me, we know we want to be together for life”.

I got quiet for a moment, I still didnt 100% feel as if I was ready but responded, “whatever makes you happy babe, you can pick the date”.

“Okay cool I say June 3rd then” James said.

“Umm let me think about it and get back to you  ok?” I said as we were pulling into our complex. “Ill be home late tonight, my job is having some event or something so Im going to swing by that, dont wait up okay”. I said kissing him on the cheek.

“Alright baby Ill see you later tonight but June 3rd think about it future Mrs. Johnson” James said kissing the back of my hand and getting out the car.

……After Work….. 

I had finished up my training with Deandre so I was back at my own cube full time. I was happy to be assigned where I was because Robert and Hailey were hilarious and we were fastly becoming work friends. I decided to walk over to the event with them as I felt like I should put some distance between Deandre and I after that dream. On the way over to the venue, Robert pulled out a flask and took a sip. I bust out laughing.

“Damn you aint come to play huh, haha”. I said.

“Hell naw if I gotta attend some shit after work and Im not being paid Imma enjoy myself” he said taking another sip. “Here” he said motioning for me and Hailey to take a sip. I grabbed it and went first.

“Damn” I said after swallowing “this is strong as hell”. Hailey took a sip and started choking Robert and I both started cracking up. We sat at a table in the back of the room.

“Hailey ask Rhea and see what she thinks” Robert said.

“Ask me what” I responded.

“Okay so my baby daddy got a new girlfriend and I swear I did not want him until I found out, so I fucked him when he came over the other day just to see if I could, now he all texting my phone saying he want his family back and all this bs girl” she said.

“That sounds messy I am so happy my fiance does not have any kids cause I would have to cut you girl” I replied back laughing.

“I say fuck him and fuck her girl, get yours” Robert said taking another swig from his flask.

“If you dont want him our your family back I say stop wasting your time, life to short. If you guys wanted to be together you would be so he must not be the one” I said.

“Damn girl ain’t nobody tell you to get all deep on me, I dont know what I want to be honest, I’ll have to think about it” Hailey responded.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Deandre making his rounds around the room.

“Girl are you finished with training yet” Hailey asked me changing the subject.

“Yeah I actually just finished up” I responded.

“Girl you’re lucky you got fine ass Dre to train you I got Amanda fat ass” Hailey responded. “Only good thing about working with her is she had all the snacks”.

“Okay!” Robert replied. “I was hungry as hell one day she got me together, its like a 7-11 at her desk”.

Deandre walked up and sat down at the table. “Hey Dre” Robert and Hailey said in unison.

“Whats up yall, how yall liking the event” Deandre asked.

“Oh im chilling” Robert said showing his flask.

“Robert what is in that I swear it just hit me” I said feeling the liquor rush through my body, I started to get hot.

“My little secret, just enjoy the ride girl” Robert replied chuckling.

“Oh so you in here turning up too” Deandre asked.

” I been dranking, I been dranking” I said laughing feeling like B


“Drunk in loveeeeeeee” Hailey and Robert chimed in unison. We all bust out laughing.

“Yall ready to go?” Robert asked picking up his stuff.

“been ready”, me and Hailey responded.

“Guess ill walk you floozies to the parking garage” Robert said getting up.

“You coming?” I asked Dre.

“Yeah” he said getting up and following us out of the room.

We started walking down the street Robert, Hailey and I were singing.

” You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I want you, na na
Can’t keep your eyes off my fatty
Daddy, I want you, na na
Drunk in love, I want youuuuuuuuu”

“Im on the 6th, floor” Robert said. “And Im on the 7th” Hailey said getting on the elevator. When we got to the parking garage Hailey and Robert got on the elevator leaving me and Dre to take the stairs.

“Im on the first so Ill just take the stairs, see you guys later”. I said

“See yall later” they yelled as the elevator doors closed.

“Wheres your car” Deandre asked.

“Its just on the first floor over there” I said pointing.

He walked me to my car. “You sure you’re good to drive?” He asked.

“yeah Im good” i said leaning a little bit “I only had like three sips of whatever that was”.

“You should chill out for a second, unlock the door” he said reaching for my passenger side door.

I unlocked the door and he slid in the passenger seat and closed the door.”You indulge?” he asked pulling a rolled joint out of his pocket.

“On occasion” I said smirking. “Light it up”.

I hit the blunt and closed my eyes while I let the weed take over. “Oh my God I havent smoked since college, I forgot how good this felt” I said exhaling and passing him the joint. “I didnt know you smoked”.

“Its a lot of things you dont know about me” he said taking a pull.

“Oh really” I said, “Well I’m listening”.

Before we knew it hours had passed. We talked about everything from our families to our dreams. I could literally sit and talk to him all day we just vibed that well.

“Hold on a second”, he said pausing his story to look at his phone.

“Oh shit”, he said. “I forgot my girlfriend was coming over after she got off I should probably head home”.

I tried not to look disappointed, “okay well thanks for making sure I didnt drive home tipsy you’re such a great co-worker friend” I said teasing him.

“Yeah I try”, he said gathering himself to get out of the car. “Text me and let me know when you make it home.”

“I dont have your number” I said picking up my phone in my left hand. He reached across me to grab the phone and his hand slightly touched my thigh. As soon as his hand made contact I felt a rush of magnetic energy shoot over me. As I caught my breath we made eye contact almost like he wanted to kiss me. 5 seconds pass and then 10 and we’re still caught in this passionate are we going to kiss type of stance……


and then he finally breaks the silence.

“You do now, text me so I have your number stored”. He said.

“Ok”, I replied looking away still trying to bring myself back from the nirvana his touch gave me.  His energy was off the charts and I knew after that one touch I would do whatever I needed to do to feel like that again (read more about empath energetic connections here We made eye contact again but this time he reached in for hug.


“See you tomorrow”, he said getting out of the car.

I was practically floating the whole drive home. Trying to hold on to the feeling he gave me because it made me tingle all over.Up until this point, he never said or did anything that would make me believe that he’d cheat on his girlfriend. “What are you even saying”! I said out loud to myself. You are engaged to be married girl!


“But you’re not married yet”, said the devil me that just popped on my shoulder.


“He has a whole ass girlfriend, who he just left you to go be with, on top of the fact you’re engaged hello!”, said the angel on my shoulder


“He aint even put a ring on it. Girl you heard Doughboys Cashout chances make champions you better shoot your shot!!!”.

I pulled into my complex parking lot parked, and pulled out my phone. My heart was racing.


Whoa, that was quick I didnt expect him to respond so fast.I know he had to be feeling the same way I was. I did not imagine all that energy he gave when he touched me, I thought to myself. But I have a fiance I probably shouldn’t even go down this route. Then I thought:

giphy (8).gif

♫ Wake up every day I take a chance- am I gone be a pussy or am I gone text this man? ♫ “Ayeee” I said hyping myself up before I realized how crazy I was looking.

When I started typing I could feel my heart beating out of my chest I was so nervous.


200 (5).gif“Dont do it girl Im telling you, he has a girl, you have a man, LEAVE IT ALONE” angel


“Did your mama raise a bitch or did she raise a savage? You better go after what you want girl . If he dont respond just say you meant to send it to someone else”. The devil on my shoulder said.

“Imma savage!!! Fuck it” I said.

I took a deep breath and pressed send.


To be continued…… 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever been in a relationship but had crazy chemistry with someone else?
  2. Would you ever pursue someone that’s already in a relationship?

Id love to hear from you!

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