The Questionable Life and Times of Rii


Part 4: A little flirting never hurt anybody 

“Giiiiirl tell me why Im having dreams about this nigga!” I said walking into Tanisha’s house.

“I gotta see what he look like this man got you going crazy”, Tanisha said sitting down at her laptop. “Whats his last name? lets find him on facebook”.

“Girl Im not about to be a stalker and look him up on Facebook” I said rolling my eyes.

“I found him, ohhhhhh he is cute. Says he’s in a relationship girl”.

I hopped up and ran over to the computer. “Let me see” I said sticking my face in front of the laptop.


“Im about to request him” Tanisha said.

“Girl no!” I responded playfully slapping her hand away from the computer. “I just love talking to him. Our conversations go from religion to politics it just feels so good to have an equal you know” . “Meanwhile, if its not about football James isnt trying to talk about it. He isnt into the things Im into and I guess it never really bothered me until I started talking to Deandre.” I said.

“Well you better tell James to get it together before Deandre swoops in and snatches the kitty kat” Tanisha said laughing.

“Girl Im faithful, we’re just work friends that’s all” I said staring at his profile picture. “Just friends”. I repeated again.

……The next day…..

“Dang girl you’ll be ready to go on your own soon,” Deandre said to me giving me a high five.

“What can I say I’m super talented”. I said smirking.

“Naw you just got the best trainer in the company,” Deandre said playfully.

“You aiight,” I said laughing. The clock on his desk showed it was 6:50 p.m “It’s quitting time”, I said pointing to the clock. “Guess I better get back to my desk”, I said not really wanting to leave. I figured if I got over to my desk and grabbed my stuff fast enough I could casually bump into him at the elevator.

I said “bye” and before he could even respond, started speed walking back to my cubicle. I grabbed my things and went out into the lobby but it was empty. “Damn” I quietly said to myself. I got on the elevator and took it down to the first floor. We normally rode the shuttles to our parking garage which was a few blocks away but it was such a nice day I decided to walk. I got about part way down the first block when I heard “Rhea wait up”. I turned around and it was Deandre. I smiled slightly on the outside but inside I was doing backflips

(How I was smiling on the inside) ->                               drake-smiling

When he caught up with me I started laughing “dang now you’re stalking me outside of work” I playfully asked. At that same moment, his facebook profile flashed in my mind and Im thinking to myself: bitch you’re  the stalker.

fake-smile “Aha you got jokes huh” he responded. “I saw you walking and its not safe for a pretty lady such as yourself to be walking out this late so I thought I’d do the gentleman thing and make sure you make it to your car safe”.

“Well aren’t you sweet” I said smirking at him. I slowed my walking pace down a bit to draw out our walk. “You live around here I asked?”

“Naw I live off Fenkell, my dad bought a house over there and when he passed away it was given to me” he responded.

“Sorry to hear about your dad but that’s what’s up, homeowner and shit, corporate job, I see you brother”. “So how long you been with the company?”

“Ive been here about two years, my degree is in occupational safety so Im looking to get in my actual field but being here is cool in between time”.

“That’s what’s up” I said. We were approaching the parking garage and I was sad that our walk was ending.

“The job is having this event tomorrow are you going?” he asked.

“Naw I didn’t know anything about it”. I replied.

“You should come or think about coming,” he said as we were approaching my car.

“Hmm if you’re going maybe I will,” I said unlocking my car door. “See you tomorrow”.

“You better come tomorrow”, he said walking away smiling.

“I’ll think about it” I yelled back because he was getting further away. I got in my car and drove off. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

To be continued….

Part 5: Playing with fire…..

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever been in a relationship but had a crush on someone else?
  2. How do you let someone know you’re interested in them?
  3. If you really like someone but they are in a relationship will that stop you from pursuing them?

Answer in the comments I’d love to hear from you!

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One thought on “The Questionable Life and Times of Rii

  1. 1. Absolutely! I sometimes crush harder because I can’t have the guy due to my current relationship.
    2. I have no idea. I give you ask the obvious questions like, “Do you have a girlfriend?” “You seeing someone?”
    3. Yes but not from flirting!

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