The Questionable Life and Times of Rii

Part 3: Love dont pay the bills


“Fuck!”, I yelled out, not ready to get out of bed. I closed my eyes and tried to squeeze out the last couple of seconds of my dream. But then I thought- wait why am I dreaming about this man?

It was Saturday and I was off. Based on my dream some quality time with James was well needed.

“Hey baby you’re up”, James said walking in the room with breakfast. I smiled and sat up. “Thanks babe you always get me together”, I said grabbing the plate from him.

“You must’ve slept good, you were talking in your sleep, whose Deandre?”, he asked.

I almost choked on my food. “I must be working too much…..had a dream about being at work he’s my trainer”, I said noting how easy it was to lie. “I was thinking maybe we could have a date night tonight? I’ve been so busy with work we haven’t had any time together”, I said stuffing my face with food trying to change the subject. “We should have some leftover grocery money right?.

“Oh naw, I had some pizza delivered the other day”, he said.



“You aren’t working right now and we’re on a tight budget. Instead of fixing yourself something to eat out of the groceries we just bought you spend $30 on pizza? Are you serious right now?” I asked looking dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry I really didn’t think about it” he replied.

“Yeah seems like you dont think about a lot”, I mumbled angrily. “You’re 30 years old you shouldn’t be making such juvenile financial decisions.

“Look, Rhea, I’m not trying to argue its hard enough for me being a man and having to depend on you since my ankles been broke so chill the fuck out”.

“How can I chill when I’m working to pay bills and take care of us meanwhile you’re throwing money away! How does that even make sense” I yelled back!

“Look things are bad right now but they will get better’ he said a little softer. “Just trust me, baby I got us”, he said hugging me. I sighed and hugged him back. “Tough times don’t last but tough people do right?”, he asked.

“Right” I responded with a fake smile. A part of me felt like I owed him because I wouldn’t have survived my last semester of undergrad if he wasn’t helping me. “I’m sorry baby, you know where I come from and I don’t want to go back. My parents had terrible credit and were living paycheck to paycheck I refuse to live that way” I said passionately.

“And we won’t baby I promise you that” he said kissing my forehead.

“Yeah I hope so” I said unbelievingly.

To be continued……. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever been the sole breadwinner in your relationship? Did that put a strain on you?
  2. How important is financial stability and security to you? And how important must it be to your mate?
  3. Is it harder to manage your money as a couple than it was when you were single?

Answer in the comments I’d love to hear from you!


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