The Questionable Life and Times of Rii


Chapter 1: No money, Mo problems

Part 2: It’s harmless right?

“Girl my trainer fine as fuck!” I said walking into my best friend Tanishas apartment.

“Arent you like almost married girl?” she asked. I rolled my eyes and plopped down on the couch.

“Yeah I guess whatever”, I mumbled. “This adult shit is stupid. I got into all this debt for a degree to get a job that doesn’t even require you have a degree. College is a scam and I want my money back”.

“Girl Bye”, Tanisha said handing me a glass of wine. “You may not need one to get in the door but I bet you need one to move up. But, thats why I didnt go. I told you to stop playing around and come fucks with me at the Crazy Horse girl”.

I started cracking up ” I don’t have the body to be a stripper who wants to see a stick finger shaking back and nipples? If I could I would girl”.




Me as a stripper  ->





“Whats going on with the wedding planning? Your grandma still tripping?” She asked.

“What planning? The plan is simple me, him, and a few friends and family at the courthouse. And girl yeah, she thinks I’m making a mistake but I’m 24 years old, just graduated so this is what’s next right? That whole family and the white picket fence stuff? Yeah, I’m ready.” I said uneasily.

……………………LATER THAT DAY……………………..

I was in my feelings after leaving Tanishas house. In less than two months I would be Mrs. Johnson, someone’s wife, and someday someones mom. I smiled to myself at the thought of having kids. James and I had been together about a year, and during this time he gave me everything I ever needed. I was so stressed trying to finish school and it felt good having someone in my corner. Sure he wasn’t the best-looking guy or rich but he’s the sweetest guy I ever met. So when he casually asked me to marry him I said why not? He didn’t get down on one knee, he didn’t even have a ring. But I was a simple girl I didn’t need all that. Besides, none of those things define a relationship anyway. Sure a ring would be nice but its not a necessity. I figured if I repeated this to myself enough it would be true because deep down I wanted a ring! A huge BLING BLING money ain’t a thing type of ring ya know? But I figured if I played my part he’d do the rest (wishful thinking ).

“Hey Babe”, I said walking through the door. “Hey baby”, James replied grabbing my bags and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “How was your first day? I made your favorite for dinner tonight”.

“It was cool, met my cube mates they seem cool, and I guess I start training tomorrow”. “Thanks for cooking babe Im dead tired after today”.

“No problem baby its the least I can do. I ran you a bath so you can go hop in while I finish the food up”.

“Thanks,” I said walking towards the room. “Make sure you leave your rent money on the table I’m going to get a money order tomorrow” I yelled from the bathroom sliding into the warm tub. James came in and brought me a glass of wine. “Actually I wanted to talk to you about that, Imma be a little short”.

“Wait what? Why? You just had the full amount last week”. I said trying to hide my irritation. “Yeah I know but I been planning something really nice for us and putting up money for it. I promise we’ll be good once I start back working” he said kissing my forehead. “Ok but this better be the best gift ever” I said, my irritation replaced with excitement at the possibility of him saving for a ring.

…………………………..The Next Day………………………..

I got up early to run to the bank to get the extra money out of my account for rent. “fuck” I said aloud to myself after checking my ATM receipt. Down to $134.93 in my savings. Which makes no sense at all even after paying James leftover rent I should still have more in my account.


I didn’t have time to play investigator to try to figure it out either. I got to work and quietly sat at my desk. Deandre came up on the side of my cubical.

“Hey Rhea, you can come over to my desk for the next two weeks as Ill be training you”.

“Ok cool”. I said getting up from my seat and following him.

He took out some papers and began to explain the training timeline to me. “Does this make sense to you he asked”. “Hmm”. I said looking up. I was distracted still thinking about my account. “yeah I get it, sorry” I said somberly.

“Cheer up” Deandre said smiling “Am I gone need to be your counselor while we’re training?” he asked laughing. I chuckled, he had such a beautiful smile. “Naw I’m good”. I said laughing. “You’re talented though a trainer and a part-time counselor huh”.

“Im a man of many talents”, He said with that sexy kool-aid smile.

“Ok, ok” I said laughing “Cocky are we? who got your head geeked up like that you just aiight” I said jokingly.

“My mom and my girl tells me all the time” he said with a smirk.

Thinking to myself- Damn so he gotta girl, not that it matters anyway Im practically married.

“but its about to be lunch time so you can head out if you want and meet me back here by one” he said.

“Omg Im so hungry what’s to eat around here?” I asked.

“We’re in the hub so its a couple of different options. I was actually about to swing by the Thai spot if you wanted to roll” Dre said. “Yeah that cools Thai sounds perfect” I responded.

TThaihai resturant was just down the street so we walked. “So how do you like it so far?” he asked. “Its cool, Im really excited to be here”

“Yeah you came in at a good time because we’re offering unlimited overtime due to being short staffed. Once your trained you can work as many hours as you want”.

“Thats whats up cause me and my fiance need all the extra money we can get” said.

“Awwh snap you engaged let me see that ring” Deandre said excitedly.

This. This moment right here is the only time I hate not having a ring! The moment I tell people Im engaged they ask to see a ring and Im just left looking stupid like:


“I dont have one” I said slightly embarrassed “he’s saving up for one though”.

“Awwh thats cool thats cool, they have pretty big portions here so did you wanna get something together or?” He asked. I couldnt help but stare at him. It was just something about him that made me feel some type of way but in a good way.

“yeah we can share” I said smiling. I pulled out my wallet to help pay and he motioned for me to put my wallet back. “I got it”, he said handing the cashier his debit card. We sat down in a booth by the window of the restaurant.

“I noticed at your desk you had a coding book, you code?”. I asked him taking bites of food.

“Naw, but Im trying to teach myself. I like to read and keep learning, keeps me current”.

“Yeah I feel the same way I was actually starting trying to learn HTML earlier this year, I was trying to get my fiance to do it with me but it went over his head.” I said.

“If you need some help or pointers I can help you out HTML was the first language I taught myself its pretty easy” he said.

“That would be great” I said smiling shyly.

“We should get back” he said looking at his watch. We cleaned up our table and started walking back towards the building “For this first week you’ll be with me for part of the day and then HR for the rest. After this week is up it’ll be just me and you until your comfortable and then Ill spend a few days with you at your desk. Once you get comfortable enough on your own my job will be done” Dre explained.

“So you’re telling me that I have to sit with you for two whole weeks?” I asked smiling.

“Yeah is that a problem?” he asked smiling. “Naw its not imma just make sure I hurry up” I responded jokingly.

“Hey if you finish fast that’s just a testament of my training skills. So I ain’t mad at that” He said laughing. “But Ill check you later” he said walking off leaving me at my cube.

The last couple of hours at work were an HR blur of sexual harassment videos and more basic training. When I got home I was so tired I kissed James and went to bed without even eating dinner. I could feel myself dozing off and it was like as soon as I closed my eyes I entered dreamland. I was on a beach hair flowing, looking bomb as fuck. Like some shit you’d see in a music video or something. I close my eyes and lay on the cabana as soon as my eyes close I feel soft kisses coming up my legs getting closer and closer to my thighs. I open my eyes expecting to see James, but there was Deandre. He laughed and started massaging my feet. “Were you expecting someone else”? he asked looking all dreamy. Before I could speak he kissed me passionately. I couldn’t contain my excitement I didn’t know why he was in my dream but I was going to go with it. As I start to kiss him back he pulls away, teasing me, wanting me to beg for more. He lays on the cabana and motions with his finger for me to come to him.

BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm starts blaring.

To be continued…..

Part 3: Love don’t pay the bills 01/11/17

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